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google-plusSadly it appears, the answer is no.  In fact Business Insider feels that it is a desolated wasteland.  Ouch.

It appears that Domino’s Pizza is just one of the many big brands that don’t update their presence on the fledgling social network.  While brands on facebook are racking up likes for their promotions, they are finding a lack of plus ones over in google land.

Well, let’s face it, Google Plus just ain’t that great.  This is not to say anything bad about the quality of talent at Google.  Google has arguably the smartest programmers and best software in all of technology in my opinion.  It’s just that google is trying to be something it isn’t in this case, and that would be social.

It’s sorta like Microsoft and their Bing Seach Engine.  It’s decent.  It can find stuff.  Microsoft’s marketing teams even dare people to “Bing It On” but guess what.  Bing aint Google, just like Google Plus aint Facebook, and to be clear, Facebook is on a slippery downward slope as well – Friends, when you’re parents start trying to Friend you on Facebook, you know Facebook has lost it’s ‘cool factor.’

Maybe the fickle crowd online just hasn’t caught on yet.  You can bet on this though, what is not cool today, just might be the hottest thing since sliced bread tomorrow – so as long as Google continues to throw money at Plus, it still has hope.



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