37 Awesome Cloud and Virtualization Blogs

cloud and virtualization blogs

Virtualization and Cloud Computing are changing the landscape of modern computing everywhere in the world today. Whether it’s talking about on premise data center solutions, or companies that run their entire business in the cloud. Virtualization and Cloud Computing are a part of those solutions. To keep up with the latest developments in these areas of technology, you can follow these great blogs about Virtualization and Cloud Computing listed right here!…

ES6 Promises Tutorial

es6 promises

Modern programming languages have a jargon all to themselves. We are inundated with acronyms and foreign sounding words every day. Today, we’ll be taking about Promises. If you make use of our good friend Webster, you’ll find something along the lines of this for the meaning of a promise: A declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen.

ES6 Class Tutorial

es6 class tutorial

Object Oriented Programmers Rejoice! ES6 now has support for classes! This ES6 Tutorial will look at how JavaScript now has a class keyword as of ES6, and you can make use of it to program in a similar way as to how you might in C#, Java, or PHP. Classes in ES6 are definitely a step in the right direction to achieving true object oriented programming, but truth be told, these are not classes in the purest sense of the word.…

ES6 Modules With Traceur.js

ES6 Modules With Traceurjs and Systemjs

Let’s now jump into learning about ES6 modules. For this lesson, we are going to be making use of a fantastic piece of software for modern JavaScript development. Traceur.js by Google is a JavaScript compiler that is super easy to use, and is great if you don’t want to be bogged down by a massive build system. All you have to do is include Traceur in your page, and you’re good to go.…

ES6 Object Literal Enhancements

ES6 Object Literal Enhancements

Object Literals in ES6 have seen some improvements over their ES5 predecessors. These improvements help developers to solve problems with less typing and less code. In addition to this, many find the new syntax styles to be more concise and easier to understand. In this ES6 tutorial, we’ll take a look at Object Enhancements such as Object Literal Shorthand, Object Method Shorthand, Computed Object Keys, and Object Destructuring.…