The 3 Most Common Types of Cloud Computing

The Cloud

You may have heard about this cool new thing called the cloud. The cloud is real and it’s taking over all forms of information services and infrastructure. If you’re new to the cloud, it can be tricky to understand just how the cloud fits into the overall scheme of things. It helps to know the three main categories of cloud computing and we’ll cover them right here.…

Setting up the AEC in Soundstructure

Getting your acoustic echo canceller working to its full potential is key. We’ll show you how to do it right here, it’s very easy.

First off, determine what audio you want to prevent from causing an echo to the far end. This is almost always the incoming Video and Audio Signals which get retransmitted to the far end as their sound comes out of the local speakers, which then get picked up by the mics and send that sound right back to the remote participants.…

Register VoIP Phone to SIP Server

In this example we will register a Polycom VoIP interface from a Soundstructure to a SIP Call Server. Most market leading SIP platforms will work as long as they adhere to the SIP standards. There are a few key pieces of configuration to deal with and they are listed here:

SIP server IP address

This is the IP address of the SIP Call Server. Popular choices include Cisco Call Manager, Alcatel OmniPCX, Avaya IP Office, Microsoft Lync, Mitel, and Broadsoft.…

Add a DNS Server in Windows Server

Install Your First DNS Server

As you install your first DNS server, you should start with a simple fairly simple configuration. DNS can be run within Active Directory or as a stand-alone server, and it makes sense to configure the local network adapter card using a static IP address. Dynamically assigned IP addresses on your DNS server will just complicate troubleshooting and is not worth the trouble.…

Group Scope in Active Directory

Group Scope in Active Directory

Group Scope in Active Directory

Active directory is a large topic yet one theme is consistent throughout the entire system, and that is the concept of Group Scope and Group Types. In the most generic form we have four types of group scope and two types of groups. This would be local, domain local, global, and universal for group scope while the group types consist of security groups and distribution groups.…