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Technorati Is Awesome

When people think of Technorati, they may conjure up ideas of an old school platform for getting your blog recognized. In some ways, it could be compared to the old DMOZ that bloggers and website operators coveted to be listed in. With the explosion of social media and hyper accurate search engines, many have put Technorati on the back burner. Well that is a mistake! Technorati is awesome and still relevant, let’s talk about why.

An Authority Website

Technorati is still a very well respected web property and the links back to your blog are very valuable. Having an authority site like Technorati organize your content into their directory is extremely beneficial. Recently, Vegibit registered with Technorati and we saw a nice bump in traffic as a result. I figured why not write a blog post about how great Technorati is since 1) I’d like to thank them for sending traffic, and 2) You should go register your blog and reap the same benefit!

Technorati Rankings

A website’s authority is ranked by Technorati and assigns it a value based on the influence the site has in the blogosphere. It’s safe to say I have no idea how their algorithm works, but if you blog consistently and promote your content, your Technorati Authority will climb. While it is fun to see progress, let’s be clear, you won’t be taking over Huffington Post in the rankings. Blogging is fun for most of us, but it is Big Business to others. I just find it exciting that at a site like Technorati, your upstart blog is listed amongst some multi-million dollar businesses such as Huffington Post, TechCrunch, The Verge, Mashable, and others.

Authenticity of your Blog

The internet is filled with millions, if not billions of blogs. Some are real, some are fake, some are great and some just suck. By going through the claim process at Technorati, they are able to verify that your blog is at least ‘real’ by the use of a claim token which you must insert into your site. Technorati will verify the token, and review your content. If you meet their requirements, bingo, you’ll be amongst the many awesome blogs of the directory. You could almost compare being registered at Technorati as a sort of Good Housekeeping label on your blog, verifying its authenticity.

Categories and Tags, Oh My!

When you list your site in the Technorati you are able to assign several categories and tags to your listing. People and companies search this information all the time for relevant content. It is likely that your content will be found simply because of the number of people searching for all types of different information. By choosing the correct categories and tags, you will boost your sites reach to the people who are looking for your content the most.

It’s Easy

Without going into all the details of how to actually claim your blog here, it’s safe to say, the process is pretty easy and straightforward. If you are technical enough to write a blog post, you will certainly find success in claiming your blog using the claim token process at Technorati. Not to mention, it’s worth it! So go get your blog listed in Technorati and let me know how you make out!

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