11 Awesome Editors You Can Use To Make Coding Easier

Text Editors

Being an awesome coder is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to hone your craft. Not unlike incredible musicians, coders and designers are artists – always striving to improve, refine, refactor, and streamline their techniques to find the holy grail of their workflow. Speaking of Awesome Musicians, if you like progressive rock you need to check out the Liquid Tension Experiment. Fantastic instrumental music by John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, Tony Levin, and Mike Portnoy to put in your headphones as you create something with one of the fine tools listed below. This round up of 11 editors are a great collection of tools for your everyday coding tasks.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a proprietary piece of software which is customizable through an extensive plugin system. It is cross platform and has a built in Python API or application programming interface. Sublime Text is super popular in the community.

PHP Storm

PHP Storm is the big dog for PHP Development, with support multiple frameworks right out of the box. It serves as an editor for HTML and Javascript as well with code analysis and linting along with an impressive automatic refactoring system. One of the great features of PHP Storm is it’s fantastic code completion. It also has a capable SQL editor to streamline working with databases.


This Java Based editor is designed for writing Java however it has also found a home with PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and many other modern languages. It supports OSX, Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Eclipse PDT

The popular Eclipse platform has a dedicated environment for PHP development in their Eclipse PDT package. PDT has many fantastic options and is excellent for debugging and troubleshooting your code on the fly.


Notepad++ has been downloaded over 25 million times since it began it’s life on SourceForge.net where it has won accolades as a favorite developer tool. It’s name comes from the familiar increment operator first made popular in the C Programming language.


This proprietary software offered by Adobe actually comes from an acquisition of Macromedia in 1997. Early in Dreamweaver’s life cycle, it was hailed as the most capable web development tool to date and made HTML development with WYSIWIG tools popular in the mainstream. It has since been eclipsed in the minds of developers for other solutions mentioned in this article, however it is still a great option for those who have grown to enjoy the workflow it provides.


A very fast Integrated Development Environment and editor for PHP impressively built with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. It has features to the moon to boost your websites into outer space.


The hardest editor to learn on earth is the loved and hated VIM. Loved for it’s ability to streamline workflow faster and more efficiently than any other editor, and hated for it’s brick wall learning curve. It is super popular with Linux developers and has begun to catch on with other developers as it is now fully cross platform.


Atom has a lot of buzz since it comes from the one and only GitHub, the leader of open source software repositories and version control. Atom is written in the Node.js language and works on OSX, Linux, and Windows alike. A very powerful solution indeed.


Like some of the others on this list, Brackets is written for the web by the web. That is to say it is the very web languages it edits, that it is written in such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Brackets is maintained on github and has an extensive collection of extensions to further tweak it’s default capabilities.


When all else fails, the absolute Bare Bones text editor may be just what you need. Sometimes, even though all of these tools do everything they can to assist you workflow, they might interrupt your train of thought when working on a problem. If this happens to you, just put what you’re working on into notepad so you can escape the auto formatting, syntax highlighting, and automatic linting. It just might help.


These 11 editors should give you a good collection of options to choose from when creating your list of tools to help with your day to day work. Try em out and see what you like best!