11 Reasons Why It Rocks to Be a Web Designer

Web Designer

According to USNews.com, web development is one of the top ten best jobs of 2014. The website gives the profession’s expected growth as their reason, but growth isn’t the only reason web development is a great job. With over 60,000 web developers in the United States, the profession certainly appeals to a great number of people, and they all have their own reasons for loving it. Whether you are considering becoming a web developer or you already are one, here are 11 reasons why it rocks to be a web designer.

1. It’s Creative

Web designers are artists. As a web designer, you can start with nothing more than your imagination and a computer and begin to create beautiful, detailed and functional webpages from scratch. You have complete control over the process from the fonts to the text placement to the addition of cool little features. You can take a design you love and create something similar that is personalized for your client, or you can create something completely original, unique and innovative. It is an amazing feeling to watch as your finished product begins to come together.

2. It’s Like a Puzzle

While web design does allow for a great deal of freedom of expression, it is still subject to various rules that make creating a website a bit of a puzzle. Web design is full of challenges, from troubleshooting bugs in the design to improving current versions of webpages to figuring out how to satisfy picky clients. While the challenge can be puzzling and maddening at the time, it is always so rewarding when you finally figure out the solution and all of the pieces come together.

3. In Web Design You Get to Do Something New Every Day

As a web designer, you are constantly working on new and exciting products and figuring out how to create pages in a new and better way. Whether you are working on projects for small, local businesses or major design companies like Envato, Sitepoint or Six revisions, every client wants a website that is unique and every online blog reader wants to learn something new. It is up to you to decide how you are going to use the same code that everyone else uses to create something truly remarkable and distinctive.

4. There is Always Something New to Learn

Even if you studied for years, you would never learn all there is to know about web design. There will always be ways to improve your technique, and there will always be newer technologies to try. There will always be ways to market your products more effectively and new ways to network with more clients. It is part of your job as a web designer to keep up-to-date about the newest development, tricks and techniques, and that is part of the fun.

5. You Can Work Anywhere

One of the great aspects of web design is that it is possible to work from absolutely anywhere in the world. You can work in an office with other colleagues, or you could work at home while you take care of your small children. You can move frequently without a break in your work, or you could stay in the same place for years. Web designing is a very flexible job. From Boris Kourtoukov in Russia to Francesco Giubbilini in Italy to Nick La in Canada, web designers live everywhere.

6. Web Design Hours are Flexible

The location is not the only flexible part about being a web designer; the hours are flexible, too. If you are a morning person who prefers to wake up early and get right to work, you can. If you prefer to sleep in and work through the night, you can. If you want to take an afternoon, a day or a week off to pursue other interests, you probably can. As long as you finish your projects by their deadlines and respond to customer calls and emails quickly, you can work whenever it is most convenient for you.

7. There is Great Community

One great part of being a web designer is that you will never have to go it alone. Anytime you have a question or concern, you can find a whole community of people who are eager to help on sites such as SitePoint.com, Digitalpoint.com and Designerstalk.com. You can learn helpful tips and tricks of web design, discuss your latest projects and find ideas and inspiration from other people who completely understand your enthusiasm for and frustrations with web design.

8. There is a Great Demand

The internet is growing at a rapid pace, and as it does, the demand for quality web designers is growing as well. According to royal.pingdom.com, Fifty-one million websites were added to the Internet in 2012 alone. It takes a lot of web designers to create that many quality websites. With such a great demand, talented web designers should have no problem finding work.

9. It Doesn’t Require a College Degree

Web design is one of the few professions that people can teach themselves without attending any sort of college or technical institute. While classes and seminars can certainly help, web design does not require a college degree. In fact, web designer David Leggett, owner of Tutorial9, UxBooth and The Leggett, designed his first website when he was only ten. You don’t need a diploma, certifications or to pass any special tests. Instead, you can read books and internet articles, talk with other web developers and take a few classes if you want to. If you know how to create quality websites, your work will speak for itself.

10. You Can Create Passive Income

With most jobs, you have to show up to work if you want to make money. With web designing, that may not always be the case. If you can create a few outstanding webpage templates and list them for sale, you can continue to make money on those designs while you spend your time working on other projects. While this strategy will not work forever—old designs will eventually need to be updated or new designs will need to be created—it is a great way to create some passive income for when you know you will need to be doing other things.

11. It’s Cool

Unlike some other jobs, web design is a job you can be proud to say you do. Everyone knows what websites are, but no one except web designers really has a firm grasp on what it takes to create one, especially from scratch. People do not assume that they could do your job; they know that you have skills that the average person simply does not possess. As a web designer you may be seen as a bit of a nerd, but it is as a cool and creative nerd who is worth getting to know.