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Vue Libraries

Let’s take a look at some popular JavaScript libraries making use of VueJS. There are many to choose from, and you should be able to meet any user interface challenge you might come up against using some of these tools. We’ll look at Element, Storybook, iView, Vuex, Vux, Nuxt, Vue Cli, Mint UI, Vuetify, Vue Router, Best Resume Ever, Weex, Vue Resource, VuePress, Vue Material, Quasar Framework, Bootstrap Vue, Vee Validate, Vuestic, Poi, Keen UI, Cube UI, Vue Multiselect, Filepond, Buefy, Vuelidate, and Eagle.js. Let’s get to it.

1. Element

element ui library
Element is a Vue based Component Toolkit library for web developers, web designers, and product managers. It is quite popular and also has versions for React and Angular.


vue storybook
Storybook is a Testing Tools development environment for User Interface components. It allows the developer to browse a component library, check the different states of each component, and interactively develop and test components. You can see what can be accomplished with Storybook by checking out the examples page.

3. iView

vue iview
iView is a high quality UI Component Toolkit built on Vue.js It was built by TalkingData for theme customizations, multi-language deployments, and other functions, greatly improving the development efficiency.

4. Vuex

vuex state management
Vuex is the official State Management tool for Vue. It acts as a centralized store for all the components in an application, with rules that ensure the state can only be changed in a predictable way. Vuex also integrates with Vue’s devtools extension to provide advanced features such as zero-config time-travel debugging and state snapshot export / import.

5. Vux

vux mobile ui
Vux is for Mobile UI Components and is based on Vue & WeUI.

6. Nuxt

nuxt framework
Nuxt is a Powerful Vue Based Framework to help developers quickly create complex, fast, and universal web applications in JavaScript.

7. Vue Cli

Vue CLI is the standard tooling workflow for Vue developers. It makes sure the various build tools work smoothly together so you can focus on writing your app instead of spending days trying to set up configurations.

8. Mint UI

vue mint ui
Mint UI is a CSS and JS mobile component library for building mobile applications. It can help you create web pages in a cohesive style ever faster.

9. Vuetify

Vuetify is a component framework for Vue. It provides clean, semantic, and reusable components that make building your application easier. By combining the power of Vue and Material Design along with a massive library of beautifully crafted components, you will be building apps and sites faster.

10. Vue Router

Vuejs Router
The official router for Vue provides Nested route/view mapping, Modular, component-based router configuration, Route params, query, wildcards, View transition effects powered by Vue.js’ transition system, Fine-grained navigation control, Links with automatic active CSS classes, HTML5 history mode or hash mode, with auto-fallback in IE9, and Customizable Scroll Behavior.

11. Best Resume Ever

vue best resume ever
Need an awesome resume? You can have it with Best Resume Ever. Made with Vue and LESS.

12. Weex

weex mobile
Weex is a mobile UI framework for building mobile applications that are lightweight with a modern web development experience.

13. Vue Resource

vue resource pagekit
Vue Resource is a plugin for Vue.js provides services for making web requests and handle responses using a XMLHttpRequest or JSONP.

14. VuePress

VuePress is an impressive Vue-powered Static Site Generator. It makes use of Vue and Webpack to create pre rendered static HTML for each page, making performance very fast.

15. Vue Material

vue material
Vue Material is great looking, lightweight, and built according to the Google Material Design specification. This will help you build apps that can fit on every screen with support for all modern Web Browsers with dynamic themes, components on demand, and with an easy to use API.

16. Quasar Framework

Quasar Framework
With Quasar Framework you can build responsive websites, Progressive Web Apps, hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) and Electron apps, all simultaneously using the same codebase, and powered by Vue. Wow!

17. Bootstrap Vue

BootstrapVue is the most comprehensive implementation of Bootstrap 4 components and grid system for Vue.js.

18. Vee-Validate

Vee-validate is a plugin for Vue.js that makes it easy for you to validate input fields and display errors.

19. Vuestic

Vuestic is a gorgeous Responsive admin dashboard template built with Vue.js and Bootstrap 4. It is developed by Epicmax and designed by Vasili Savitski. Makes use of Vue, Bootstrap 4, Webpack, Chart.js, Google Maps, Material Forms, i18n, and much more.

20. Poi

poi bundler
Poi is a zero-config bundler built on top of Webpack. Zero config means the creators of Poi have simply pre-configurared many things for you. To prevent Poi from becoming too bloated to use, there is also a plugin system to make extra features opt-in as needed.

21. Keen-UI

keen ui
Keen UI is a lightweight Vue.js User Interface repository inspired by Google’s Material Design, with a simple API. Keen UI is not a CSS framework, it is a collection of interactive components that require Javascript. There is no grid system or typography styles.

22. Cube UI

cube ui
Cube UI is another very nice mobile user interface library which makes use of Vue.

23. Vue Multiselect

Vue Multiselect works in a similar fashion to Select2 but without jQuery. It has Single / multiple select, Dropdowns, Searchable, Tagging, Server-side Rendering support, Vuex support by default, Ajax support, Fully configurable, +99% test coverage, and No dependencies. Sweet!

24. Filepond

If you need to do image uploads with Vue, this is the Vue library you are looking for. It can upload anything you throw at it, optimizes images for faster uploads, and offers a great user experience.

25. Buefy

Buefy is a Lightweight UI component library for Vue.js based on Bulma.

26. Vuelidate

Vuelidate offers a Simple, lightweight model-based validation for Vue.js. It is decoupled from templates, dependency free, supports nested models, and validates multiple types of data sources.

27. Eagle.js

Eagle.js is a really cool web based slideshow framework for Vue.js. It supports animations, themes, interactive widgets, and makes it easy to reuse components, slides, and styles across presentations. In addition, Eagle.js offers a simple and hackable API so you can easily customize to create the slideshows you really want.

27 Awesome VueJS Libraries Summary

You have to admit, these libraries are slick! So what are you waiting for? Go put some of them to good use and start building something awesome!

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