29 Best Podcasts For Web Developers

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29 Best Podcasts For Web Developers

This collection of the best podcasts for web developers will focus on some of the very best audio based resources for web developers working on their own projects or for more established companies. As we know, being a web developer is a journey of literally non stop learning in any form we can find. With books, screencasts, blog tutorials, software documentation, and more feeding our thirst for knowlege, sometimes it can seem just too much! Take a moment to try listening to some good podcasts, they allow you to keep working on something, and you can almost listen to them in the background as you might when listening to background music while coding. However you might fit listening to podcasts into your particular workflow, let’s look at 29 of the best podcasts for web developers so you have some to choose from!

PHP Podcasts

1. PHP Round Table

The PHP Roundtable


The PHP Roundtable podcast is a laid back setting where developers talk about things PHP geeks care about. A roundtable is the idea that no single person should sit at the head of the table, rather all participants should be treated equally. This is the philosophy the podcast adheres to and welcomes any and all developers of any language that would like to contribute on the roundtable.

2. PHP Town Hall

PHP Town Hall


PHP Town Hall began in 2012 with founding members Ben Edmunds and Phil Sturgeon. It is a fun and casual show where guests from the PHP world are welcomed to be interviewed about various things happening in the PHP community. Listeners are encouraged to submit any ideas they may have for topics to be covered, and the folks at PHP Town Hall do their best to bring on subject matter experts to help cover those topics.

3. Lately in PHP

Lately in PHP


The Lately in PHP Podcast by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins is a great resource for all things PHP in podcast form. Some of the content you’ll find include in depth article and book reviews, coverage of important topics in PHP such as the latest and greatest builds to be familiar with, and general discussions about PHP whether it’s learning about how to write extensions in C, whether to deprecate a certain function, or how to make your code more secure.

4. Voices of the Elephant

Voices of the elephant


The Voices of the ElePHPant podcast is the work of noted PHP community member Cal Evans and E.I.C.C., Inc. Like other community podcasts, questions and topics are welcomed and you can email the shows creator if you have a question or topic you would like covered. Voices of the ElePHPant encourages PHP developers to get involved in local user groups, or even start a new one.

5. The Laravel Podcast

The Laravel Podcast


The Laravel Podcast is a happening little shindig by coding wizard Taylor Otwell, tutorial master Jeffrey Way, and blogging legend Matt Stauffer. Together, they bring you what you need to know about Laravel, PHP development, general web and software development, as well as randomly entertaining tidbits.

JavaScript Podcasts

6. NodeUp Podcast

Nodeup JS Podcast


The Nodeup podcast is a great podcast by Daniel Shaw, Mikeal Rogers, and Craig Muir about interesting viewpoints surrounding JavaScript and NodeJS development. The show is a relaxed listening experience and covers many great topics like npm, packages and modules, webgl, testing, reactive programming, and more.

7. JavaScript Jabber Podcast

JavaScript Jabber


JavaScript Jabber is a great podcast by Charles Max, Eric Berry, and Jamison Dance. JavaScript Jabber runs weekly, and covers JavaScript, Node.js, Front End Development, Career Development, programming practices, coding environments, and anything else that the developer community might find interesting.

8. FiveJS



FiveJS is great JavaScript Podcast by James Michiemo and Ville Immonen. FiveJS is part of the Code School umbrella, and they cover a plethora of useful information like the Shadow DOM, GraphQL, various JavaScript Frameworks, asynchronous programming, modules, and SVG.

9. Lately In JavaScript

Lately In JavaScript


Lately in JavaScript is another podcast by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins covering all things JavaScript. Some of the recent episodes touched on new features in the Chrome Browser, front end development testing methods, Mithril.js, and more. They are always covering the important topics in JS land.

10. CodeWinds Podcast

CodeWinds Podcast


CodeWinds is brought to you by Jeff Barczewski with the goal of keeping web developers current on the very latest in how to build web applications. As we know, things change quick in our industry, hence the name CodeWinds, a nod to the winds of change we all face. CodeWinds also offers ebooks, screencast videos, webinars, and instructional blog posts.

Design Podcasts

11. Control Click Podcast

control click cast


Lee Alcantara and Emily Lewis bring you the awesome CTRL+CLICK podcast where they track the latest happenings in web development. It’s a well rounded show with topics ranging from CMS systems, to business matters, to design, to coding. They have the chops to back it up as well, with over 20 years of experience and a great business in http://abrightumbrella.com/.

12. Responsive Web Design Podcast

Responsive Web Design Podcast


Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane are the producers of responsive web design podcast. Both have many notable achievements in the field. Karen has been instrumental in developing web content for such notable names as The New York Times, Condé Nast, Hearst, The Atlantic, and Time Inc. Ethan is the one who coined the term ‘responsive web design’ and is a well known and respected developer.

13. The Web Ahead Podcast

The Web Ahead Podcast


Jen Simmons is the producer of The Web Ahead podcast. The Web Ahead offers a mature look at the web industry and recognizes that we are still in the early stages of this technological breakthrough. Jen has an amazing outline of eleven guiding principles that are worth a read for anyone involved in working with websites in any way.

14. Design Details Podcast

Design Details Podcast


Design details is part of the spec.fm family of design resources. Developer Tea is also a part of Spec, and in combination their podcasts are heard by more than 60,000 listeners each week! Via their podcasts and website, you can learn about the latest happenings in design and development in the web community.

15. Shop Talk Podcast

Shop Talk Podcast


What could be better than a podcast about all things web development with noted developers Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert?! Your expert hosts will kindly take questions and try to answer as many as they can via the form on their website. In addition, the site has a job board, archives, and swag store.

16. Boagworld Podcast

Boagworld Podcast


Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington host a weekly show where they invite guests to discuss various topics on anything web design related. Boagworld keeps it fun, in an informative and quintessentially British type of way. The show has points for webmasters, bloggers, designers and developers alike, so you’ll be sure to find it interesting.

17. On The Grid Podcast

On the grid podcast


Andy Mangold, Dan Auer, and Matt McInerney offers a weekly podcast where the topic is thinking out loud about design. Some of the recent topics have included starting a new project, dealing with ad blocking, creating music, and being emotionally invested in your work.

18. The Big Web Show

The Big Web Show


Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, The Big Web Show comes packed with Big and awesome topics. The podcast often has key players in the industry as guests, talks about web design, development, art, creating great content, typography, and all kinds of aspects of what makes the web tic.

19. Web Agency Podcast

web agency podcast


The Web Agency Podcast is for Web Developers, Designers, Freelancers, and Web Agency Owners. It is the work of Ben and Mat Newton, brothers that have a goal of building their skills, getting more freedom, and getting a better life, all while helping you to do the same.

Devops Podcasts

20. The Ship Show

the ship show


Devops are an important part of building the programmable web. The Ship Show podcast keeps you up to date twice a month with topics on build engineering, release management, devops tools, interviews, tips, techniques, and more. Each show has a helpful show links and notes summary so you can double click further on to the topics that most interest you.

21. Ubuntu Podcast

ubuntu podcast


Mark Johnson, Laura Cowen, Martin Wimpress, and Alan Pope bring you the need to know news in the world of Ubuntu and open source. You’ll learn about things like building a kernal the Ubuntu way, developing HTML5 games, useful keyboard shortcuts, helpful command line tips, and answers to questions by the community.

Multi Tech Podcasts

22. The Development Hell Podcast

The Development Hell Podcast


The title of the podcast alone should get you excited: “The Development Hell Podcast.” The Development Hell Podcast is the work of Ed Finkler and Chris Hartjes where they share their boundless adventures in programming for the web, sharing with the world their findings so that future generations will learn the ways of the web developer.

23. Web Dev Radio

Web Dev Radio


Since 2005 Michael Kimsal has been brining the goods in a very professional way. Web Dev Radio features the topics that web developers care about, like testing strategies, noteable interviews, search engine optimization techniques, upcoming conferences, and more.

24. Full Stack Radio

full stack radio


Adam Wathan is your host on this excellent podcast. Full stack radio focuses on what it takes for developers to build great software. Each show features a notable guest where they talk everything from user experience, to sysadmin problems, to unit testing your code.

25. Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast

three devs and a maybe podcast


Three Devs and a Maybe keep it real on a weekly basis with talks about developer frameworks, design patterns, testing, the life of a developer, and tips from years of using various programming languages. Micheal Budd, Fraser Hart, Lewis Cains, and Edd Mann are the devs that make it happen.

26. The Web Platform Podcast

the web platform podcast


JavaScript. React. Flux. IoT. Node. Angular. Are you getting excited? If so, The Web Platform Podcast is for you. This developer discussion discusses the big picture of the web, not just websites, but things like developing for mobile all the way to developing for HDTV and robotics! The Web Platform talks today, tomorrow, infinity – and beyond!

27. Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio


The Software Engineering Radio podcast targets professional software developers with the goal of acting as a long term learning resource, rather than an entertainment based show. Each episode takes a dive into software engineering in the form of an interview with a subject matter expert, or a detailed tutorial on a specific topic. SE Radio is brought to you by the staff of the well regarded IEEE Software Magazine.

28. HTTP 203

http 203


HTTP 203 has some great topics like performance matters, progressive loading, https, build tools, web vs native apps, font rendering, and more. Podcast hosts Jake and Paul also offer useful lessons, lifehacks, and random tips.

29. Developer Tea

developer tea podcast


Developer Tea is a heavyweight in the web developer podcast niche and is hosted by Jonathan Cutrell. Jonathan is the director of technology at Whiteboard, and author of Hacking the Impossible. This podcast covers tons of useful resources and interviews some of the biggest names in the business, such as Cap Watkins who is the Vice President of design at the massively popular Buzzfeed.

Wrapping Up!

In this article, we offered 29 of the Best Podcasts For Web Developers, broken down into various categories. To be sure, it will be a tough task to be able to listen to them all – but having this list as a resource will certainly help identify the ones we’re most interested in. Did you enjoy our list? If so, please share with a friend!

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