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Microsoft Lync 2013 is becoming a workhorse in the enterprise as businesses begin to take advantage of the many features it offers to make internal and external communications more efficient and engaging. As Unified Communications gains steam, Microsoft is positioned to capture market share with features such as real-time presence and instant messaging, voice calls, exchange integration, and HD video conferencing. The 5 points listed here make a solid case for Lync in the enterprise.

1. Video Conferencing with support for 1080p

Lync 2013 can support up to 1080p HD resolution for video conferencing giving users an excellent experience with life-like interaction. HD Video provides world-class communication to both internal and external clients whether via private cloud or external federation. An added benefit is interoperability with 3rd party providers of video as well.

2. Multi OS Mobile App Offerings

Lync Mobile apps have been built for Windows Phone, Apple iOS, as well as Android, making Lync services available across the vast majority of the mobile landscape. Today’s road warrior, remote software developer, or even telecommuting tech support rock stars use Lync every day to increase engagement with peers as well as increase client satisfaction.

3. Don’t Have a Lync App? Join from the Web.

Some users may not have ready access to a proper Lync client. In cases like these, Microsoft has created a Web app for Lync 2013 so users can join a Lync Meeting from Windows or Mac OS X with nothing more than a Web browser, and still have access to HD video, Voice over IP, instant messaging, and desktop sharing. Slick Rick Indeed!

4. Office 365

Businesses of any size can now take advantage of all these great benefits via a subscription-based Office 365 deployment. With Office 365 Small Business Premium, you can basically have World Class hosted enterprise Unified Communications, Messaging, and Intranet services via Lync, Exchange, and SharePoint in the cloud.

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