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Twitter is a fun social network to be a part of. Next to Google, Twitter is the second highest referrer of traffic to Vegibit. I suspect that number will increase over time as well, as Vegibit gets followers and traction on the network. Here are several great tips and tricks to get the most out of your twitter participation.

how to use twitter

1: Tweet Tweet!

Some people never tweet on twitter. Come on people, we want to hear your funny and entertaining tweets! Your followers are looking for genuine and fun engagement on a daily basis. You only have to think of 140 characters at a time so it shouldn’t be too hard.

2: Respond to @mentions!

Sometimes on twitter, others can tend to ignore @mentions and lack interaction. You will boost your stock considerably if you actually interact and respond to mentions from your followers. As easy as it is post your own updates all day long, take the time to interact with your followers. You will get more out of twitter this way, as will your followers. You can also make great use of hashtags to better follow and participate in specific conversations.

3: Don’t Over Tweet!

In step 1 we advised you to make sure to be tweeting funny, entertaining, and informative tweets about you or your business. Well there is a downside to over stimulation on twitter. The problem comes in when you are over tweeting and your followers see nothing but updates from you in their timeline. Just like in real life, give others a chance to be heard, and don’t force feed your message lest you lose followers.

4: Choose a cool Profile Picture

Use your eye for design to choose an avatar that your followers will like. For a personal account, choose one where you have a nice smile and appear approachable. If you have a more business oriented account, a fun and colorful logo might be better. Be creative to stand out from the crowd!

5: Description

Just like your status updates themselves on twitter, your bio information is only a short snippet of information about you or your brand. Believe it or not, people will take the time to read your bio and this is the chance to make a great first impression. You want to quickly describe who you are and what you are all about. Make it count!

6: Share Great Links and Photos

The internet is massive. One can’t possibly consume all of the great content on the internet, let alone decipher what is worth checking out and what is junk. This is your chance to be a curator and share awesome content you have found with your followers. Pictures and photos are also hugely popular with getting engagement and to get retweets.

7: Above All, Be good

Don’t go and follow a gazillion accounts only to unfollow them shortly after. You will find yourself in a world of hurt, as in account suspended if you do this. If you follow the first 6 tips outlined here, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting followers since people will naturally want to interact with you whereas just trying to churn accounts will get you bad results.

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