7 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business

Today, building a successful business is no longer limited to traditional marketing and advertising campaign tactics. Now, with the use of social media, building a brand and launching a company can be done from just about anywhere, regardless of the brand’s purpose and the start-up budget available. When you want to put social media to work for you with your own business, you can do so by launching your very own Twitter account. Having a Twitter account that represents your business or brand professionally gives you the chance to create an expansive platform to reach hundreds, thousands and even potentially millions of users on daily.

Begin Branding Yourself

Using Twitter is a great way to get started with branding yourself with the use of social media. Be sure to upload a logo that matches the logo you use on your official website or other social media site pages such as Facebook and Pinterest. Using the same logo and color scheme to create your Twitter layout is highly recommended if you want to begin branding yourself to be easily recognized by potential customers in the future.

Expand Your Online Presence

Expand your online presence with Twitter by sharing updates throughout the day, even if your following is small to begin with once you activate your account. The more official accounts you have on different social media communities including Twitter, the more professional you appear as a brand and as a business professional. Expanding your online presence also gives you multiple platforms to communicate with people on from around the world, giving you more opportunities to generate sales and revenue.

Communicate Individually With Your Followers

With the use of Twitter it has never been easier to communicate individually with each one of your followers. With Twitter, it is possible to respond directly to users and followers who have mentioned your username or who have asked you questions using the “Direct Message”, or DM feature, available on all accounts. Sending Direct Messages is a great way to build a positive relationship with your online followers and customers in any industry. Additionally, you can also use the Direct Message feature to answer questions and to tend to any issues or complaints that your users or followers may be having with your website or the products they have ordered. You can manage your social media accounts personally on your own or with the aid of a Social Media Community Manager who specializes in PR and handling a variety of social media networks and communities.

Promote New Products and Services

Using Twitter is a great way to promote new products and services with your online followers in addition to the millions of other users who are logged in to Twitter at the time of your update. Any time you want to share news or information regarding new products and services you have released, you can do so with the use of Twitter hashtags. Using hash tags gives you the ability to create updates surrounding “trending topics”, or topics that other users are posting about and searching up on Twitter at the moment. The more actively involved you become with various trending topics, the easier it is to build a quick following and to get others engaged with your Tweets.

Connect With Others in Your Industry

You can also use Twitter to connect with other users in your industry, whether you are involved in fashion or if you are planning to sell music and downloadable products. Connecting with other users who also have Twitter accounts in your industry is a way for you to genuinely make connections and potential partnerships for future business plans.

Reach Out to Influential Users

Reaching out to influential users with the use of your brand’s Twitter account is also a way to improve your reputation and to boost credibility, especially if you receive a response from another brand or a popular celebrity who mentions your company or brand on their own Twitter. The more networking power you have with your Twitter account, the easier it is to promote products and services with any audience you have in mind. Be sure to avoid spamming celebrities and other influential users of Twitter, as this will not only annoy them, but will likely annoy any of the followers you already have. Giving genuine “shout outs” and asking for mentions and “replies” is recommended when doing so with a celebrity or influential Twitter user who is relevant to the audience who is interested most in your brand and company.

Boost Credibility and Improve Professional Reputation Online

Boosting your credibility to improve your professional reputation online is possible with the more updates you share using your brand’s official Twitter. The more actively you update your Twitter and get engaged in conversation with your followers, the easier it is to boost your credibility to those who were previously unaware of your brand until finding your Twitter account. As you gain more followers with the use of your Twitter account, it will become easier to introduce new products and services without having to work to earn the trust of potential customers and clients. The larger your following base is on Twitter and other networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr, the more likely you are to appear credible and reputable, regardless of whether you are trying to sell clothing or if you are promoting a professional service you have to offer.

The more you know about Twitter and how to put it to use for your business, the easier it becomes to connect with your intended audience and demographic, regardless of what you are selling or the content and services you have available to provide. Staying aware of the latest trends on Twitter and always keeping in touch with any of your followers or online users is the best way to build a loyal following to better connect with those who are genuinely interested in what your brand is selling or has to offer.

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