Add a DNS Server in Windows Server

Install Your First DNS Server

As you install your first DNS server, you should start with a simple fairly simple configuration. DNS can be run within Active Directory or as a stand-alone server, and it makes sense to configure the local network adapter card using a static IP address. Dynamically assigned IP addresses on your DNS server will just complicate troubleshooting and is not worth the trouble.

DNS is Required for Active Directory

Windows Server Domain Name Services is required in order to install Active Directory. When building a new Active Directory forest, DNS must be set up as the first step. It is easy to miss this since the Active Directory Installation Wizard installs a DNS server on your behalf. This makes installation easy, but it’s a good practice to learn how to complete a DNS install on your own.

Steps To Install DNS

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the steps required to install DNS. Make sure your membership is in the Administrators Group to complete the install.

• Open Server Manager by clicking the icon in the taskbar.
• Choose Add Roles And Features.
• Click Next on the Before You Begin, Installation Type, and Server Selection pages.
• Select the DNS Server box.
• Read the DNS info page. There is a lot of good information here.
• Click Next.
• Click Install.
• Click Close.


Once complete, DNS is now configured as a role service on the server. Your next step would be to configure the DNS server either via DNS Manger or dnscmd at the command line.