Azure Database Services

Azure Database Services

The core database services available in Microsoft Azure revolve around the following five offerings. Cosmos DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, and SQL Managed Instance. These services cover the range of what any application might need in the cloud today. Whether you need managed relational, NoSQL, in memory, proprietary, or open-source, Azure has a database service to meet any need. In this article, we’ll have a look at all of these services and describe the key features and benefits of each solution.

Azure Cosmos DB

azure cosmos db
Cosmos DB is an extremely popular database offering in Microsoft Azure. Cosmos DB has ultra-low response latency and APIs that integrate with many popular programming languages and database platforms. This means it can function as many other types of databases such as table, SQL, JavaScript API for MongoDB, Gremlin, Cassandra, Spark, and ETCD. The MongoDB interoperability is especially useful. CosmosDB is a global platform with low latency, fast access, and data convergence.

  • Fully managed NoSQL Databases
  • Scales to 99.999% availability

Azure MS SQL

azure ms sql
Microsoft SQL in the cloud. MS SQL has artificial intelligence features that are updated often. MS SQL has a long history of production workloads that have proven to be high performance, durable, and scalable. It can be integrated with serverless compute and hyperscale storage to make it a worry free investment.

  • Fully managed Microsoft SQL Database
  • Auto Scale Features
  • Robust Security

Azure PostgreSQL

azure postgresql
Similar in nature to standard MS SQL however it is a service based on the open-source Postgres database engine. Like MS SQL, it is also a managed database as a service offering that can scale to support the most demanding workloads while offering high availability, high security, and excellent performance.

  • Fully managed PostgreSQL
  • High Availability
  • High Security

Azure MySQL

azure MySQL
MySQL has long powered many open source applications online and continues to be a favorite among open source application developers. It is available as a Platform as a Service relational database service in Microsoft Azure. MS SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL all look pretty similar in the Azure Portal, and in fact offer comparable features. For example Managed Backups exists on all three services where you can configure retention with point in time restore configurations.

  • Fully managed MySQL
  • High Availability
  • High Security

Azure SQL Managed Instance

azure sql managed instance
The Azure SQL Managed Instance offers the broadest compatibility with SQL Server database engines with all the benefits of a Platform as a Service. Azure SQL Managed Instance is a good choice for migrating an on premises database to the cloud.

  • If you receive a message that you must increase the limits in your Azure subscription when creating several Azure SQL Database instances, you need to open a support request.
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