Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

Having the Best Search Engine Optimization Tools at your disposal is of utmost importance when you’re trying to rank in the search engines. Search remains one of the biggest sources of website traffic for small, medium, and large businesses alike. As such, many tools have been made to help you analyze and monitor the status of your website in the SERPS. For the uninitiated, this stands for Search Engine Results Page. In this post, we’ll take a look at a huge collection of resources grouped into categories such as SERP Monitoring Tools, Webmaster Tools, SEO Blogs, Link Audit Tools, SEO For Beginners, Website Auditing Tools, Page Loading Tests, and Keyword Research.

SERP Monitoring Tools

1. Mozcast

Mozcast is brought to you by the folks that run Moz, a search and content marketing powerhouse. Mozcast is a way to track the search results of the Google Algorithm much like meteorologists would track the weather using the tools available to them. It is a fairly advanced experiment from the sounds of it, and you can learn all about how it works here.

2. SERPmetrics

SERPmetrics is another tool to use for search engine rank monitoring. It works a bit differently than Mozcast and rather relies on their well known search engine flux charts to present the information about changes in the SERPS. They have an application programming interface which processes billions of requests each month, and you can get a developer key to test with as well.

3. SERPs Volatility Index

serps volatility index
This is a tool provided by the folks at It helps you to notice times of volatility spikes in the search engine results pages of Google and Yahoo. You can also test your own website and use the tool to spot where changes and updates to the search algorithms may have taken place.

4. Algoroo

Algoroo is another tool which tracks the Google Algorithm and displays the data in chart form for all to view. The Algoroo application scans more than fifteen thousand search terms to over 100 search positions deep in the results. The compiled positive and negative movements among these terms in the search engines creates a flux which they refer to as “roo”, hence the name Algoroo. The higher the roo, the higher the level of volatility in the SERPs. Of course the lower the roo, the more stable the SERPs.

5. Search Metrics

search metrics
Search Metrics offers a powerful cloud based suite of tools for entire domain analysis regarding search engine visibility. There are a plethora of valuable information points the tool offers such as seo research, ppc research, backlinks, social links, keyword research, domain overview, geographic data, rankings history, market analysis, mobile readiness, and more. Search Metrics is one of the leading providers of search analytics, marketing software, and search engine optimization services.

6. Grump

google grump
One of the news serp monitoring tools which uses Grump as an indicator 🙂

Webmaster Tools

7. Google Webmaster Tools

google webmaster tools
Google Webmaster Tools is the standard for getting the data you need to keep your website healthy and optimized for the Google search engine. At the splash page you will also find links to the search console, articles for webmaster education, and the help center.

8. Bing Webmaster Tools

bing webmaster tools
Bing offers a whole range of tools you can use in their webmaster section of Once you sign into the dashboard, you will be greeted with valuable data such as clicks from search, appeared in search, pages crawled, crawl errors, and pages indexed among others. You can also add a sitemap, which is highly recommended, and view your top performing keywords and inbound links.

9. Yandex Webmaster Tools

yandex webmaster tools
Yandex webmaster tools is the webmaster tool offered by Yandex, the Google of Russia. The website is very English language friendly however, and you can glean a lot of useful information once you add your site and sitemap. Your dashboard will show you the number of pages available in their index, external links to your site, popular queries, keyword position, and number of clicks.

SEO Blogs

10. Moz

the moz blog
Moz has a team of the best in the search engine business that offer constant tips and advice to make sure your SEO is up to speed.

11. Search Engine Land

search engine land
Search Engine Land provides daily coverage of all things in the search engine industry. Danny Sullivan is the chief content officer and founder. Sign up for daily and weekly newsletters, download their app, and learn all you can about modern search techniques.

12. Search Engine Watch

search engine watch
Search Engine Watch offers in depth coverage of the latest trends and industry news affecting website owners. You’ll find tutorials about effectively using search engines, analysis of search engine trends, and tips for webmasters to increase their visibility in the search engine results pages.

13. Search Engine Roundtable

search engine roundtable
Search Engine Roundtable is dedicated to reporting on the major news and events happening in the world of search engine optimization. This is the blog to visit if you want a quick overview of all the issues affecting search with information culled from the most popular threads about SEO online.

14. Backlinko

Brian Dean runs Backlinko where he helps webmasters with the art of link building and content promotion. Rather than simple news coverage, Backlinko provides useful tutorials and actionable tips for taking your seo efforts to the next level.

15. Yoast

Yoast is not only a great blog that covers general SEO, social media, conversion rates, and WordPress, Yoast is also a full service search engine optimization service with website review services. Yoast will review your website and give you actionable tips to make sure you are offering the best possible experience to your most valuable asset, your readers.

16. SEO Book

seo book
SEO Book is an excellent resource in the Search Engine Industry offering various tips and tricks, a dedicated forum, and search engine optimization tutorials.

17. Search Engine Journal

search engine journal
Search Engine Journal was first started in 2003 and remains one of the most visited destinations on the internet for search engine optimization and search engine marketing. SEJ takes a community driven approach to creating their content, with articles by industry experts cutting their teeth in the field, and in house editors dedicated to their craft.

Link Audit Tools

18. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a powerful link auditing and monitoring tool. It is built on a massive backlink index which gets updated every 15 minutes and uses it’s own crawling bot for the most accurate results.

19. Majestic

Majestic employs a trust algorithm to check on the backlink profile of any website using one of the world’s largest link index.

20. Linkody

Linkody helps you to gain valuable insights about your website’s backlink profile with 24 by 7 tracking and monitoring.

21. Open Site Explorer

open site explorer

22. Linkspy

Use Linkspy and their Link Intersect Analysis tool to find relevant link profiles from which you can source links for your website.

23. Open Link Profiler

open link profiler
Open link profiler is a wonderful free tool to get in depth link analysis for up to 200,000 links per website with free downloads and valuable link disinfection tools.

24. Link Detox

link detox
This tool will help you to clean up the link profile of your website to remove penalties levied by Google such as a manual action penalty, google penguin penalty, or unnatrual link warnings.

25. Kerboo

Kerboo labels itself as the data intelligence and workflow platform for digital marketers. This is a premium level tool that is paid only which caters to marketing agencies and brand affiliate managers.

26. Cognitive SEO

cognitive seo
Cognitive SEO is another paid only solution but with a free trial so you can test out the backlink analysis tool, rankings reporter, seo dashboard, and custom reports.

SEO For Beginners

27. Google Search Optimization Starter Guide

search engine optimization starter guide
Google offers this dedicated guide to doing search engine optimization the right way, while minimizing risk to your website and online reputation.

28. Beginners Guide To SEO

beginners guide to seo
Moz is a leader in the search engine optimization industry and they offer this excellent 10 chapter (!) guide to getting started with SEO. You’ll learn how a search engine works, how average people use a search engine, why SEM is useful, creating seo friendly content, researching relevant keywords, UX concerns, gaining links, tools, and more.

29. How Search Works by Google

how search engines work
Google has a really incredible online presentation that covers the nuts and bolts of how search engines actually do what they do. It is a fascinating read which covers a broad overview, how crawling and indexing works, algorithms, spam fighting techniques, and webmaster guidelines.

30. Bing Webmaster Help and How To

bing webmaster help and how to
Bing offers many useful tips and tricks for beginners and experienced search engine marketers alike. Add their recommendations and guidelines to your seo strategy.

31. Google Webmaster Guidelines

google webmaster guidelines
The holy grail of webmaster guidelines is the official Google Webmaster Guidelines. By understanding and following the Google Webmaster Guidelines, you will keep your website ranking well in the search engine results pages as well as manual and algorithmic penalty free.

32. A Guide To SEO by Neil Patel

neil patel
Neil Patel is a walking seo legend, and his incredibly detailed and extensive guide to search engine optimization must be added to any webmasters collection of resources.

Website Auditing Tools

33. Website Penalty Checker

website penalty checker
Do you need to check to see if a website has a Google Algorithmic Penalty? If so, this tool will show you organic traffic superimposed on the exact dates of a google panda refresh, google penguin refresh, google mobile friendly refresh, or a google phantom update. Spikes of drops in traffic that line up with those dates indicate some type of action taken on the site.

34. WooRank

WooRank has an in depth website auditing service where you can enter a website and their tool will assess areas that pass seo guidelines, areas to improve, or errors that must be fixed. You’ll receive suggestions for seo, mobile, usability, and social insights to grow your SEM efforts.

35. SEO Site Checkup

seo site checkup
SEO Site Checkup performs an intensive scan of the website to be tested and looks at things like meta tags, google serps previews, common keywords in use, h1 and h2 use scenarios, google analytics test, social media checker, html structure, page size, speed test, and countless others.

36. Similar Web

similar web
Similar Web is a really cool service that give a fantastic overview of any website in an incredible user interface that is easy to scan visually. Take a look at a website’s overview, referral traffic, search rankings, social triggers, display ad traffic, audience demographic, and other similar sites in a given niche.

37. Varvy

Don’t you wish there was a tool to tell you whether or not your website meets all of the google webmaster guidelines correctly? Well there is! Just visit Varvy, pop in your domain name, and find out if your site meets all of the google webmaster guidelines.

Page Loading Tests

38. Google PageSpeed Insights

google pagespeed insights
The Google implementation of performance tuning and testing for your website.

39. Pingdom

You can use the Pingdom tool to analyze the speed of page loads and eliminate any bottleneck areas.

40. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is another tool to help you analyze how your site loads and provides reports on how to improve load times.

Keyword Research

41. KW Finder

kw finder
KW Finder specializes in helping you find long tail keywords that may be relevant to your website.

42. Keyword Tool

keyword tool
Keyword Tool is an alternative to google keyword planner and similar competitive keyword analysis tools.

43. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner
The big dog of keyword research – requires an Adwords account.

44. WordStream Keyword Tools

wordstream keyword tools

45. Keywordini

Keywordini is a really cool research tool that uses the power of search engine suggestions to help you uncover relevant keywords for your content.