Blogging Is Now More Important Than Ever

Blogging Is Now More Important Than Ever

You may have read the news at some point in time where somebody is going on and on about how blogging is dead. It wasn’t always like this, for early on in the days of the internet, blogs were set to become the future of media and the voice of the internet. Then there came a time when the critics were announcing the demise of blogging in favor of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Why set up your own blog when you can simply post to any one of these popular websites and reach thousands? The answer of course is that these are corporate machines behind their flashy design and colors, and you are nothing more than a pawn in their system. You are required to provide content, so that the platform (and the company) can benefit and profit from it. Of course there is more to it, but in this episode, we’ll take a look at many reasons why Blogging Is Now More Important Than Ever.

Blogging Simply Got A New Name

As humans, we tend to get bored with the same thing over and over. In fact, we get so impatient and bored with routine, that if things are unable to change organically, we will simply manufacture a new instance of said thing on our own. This exact thing happened with blogging! You see, in 2015, it is no longer cool to say you blog. No, in 2015, you are a Content Marketer or Inbound Specialist, not a blogger. Did you see what they did right there? The marketing people just made blogging sound way more incredible and scientific than it actually is. Now did you also notice that you can’t go anywhere online without being inundated with articles and information about Content Marketing? Everything and everyone from single person blogs to startup companies with a blog, to established fortune 500 companies with a blog to companies with full teams of writers and bloggers dedicated to doing nothing more than creating content. Guess what – they’re all just blogging, pretty simple stuff. It’s not rocket science, but if we make it sound like rocket science, maybe more people will take notice! Just make sure when you do blog, you write a great post.

Blogging Keeps You Sharp

Let’s take a moment to look at blogging from the perspective of the individual creative contributor. People like this might be writers, marketers, advertising associates, web developers, photographers, and so on. Any profession or craft that requires practice and diligence can be helped and supported by blogging about the subject. Writers of course would benefit the most, since writing is the first step to successful blogging. The general rule of thumb is to aim for at least 1000 words a day. This is a great goal for any of these creative professions. For marketer, 1000 words a day will do wonders for fleshing out ideas. For photographers, 1000 words a day may help them get better at all kinds of technical aspects of photography. The programmer may improve his or her thought processes towards problem solving. Anyone can benefit from the act of putting ideas to paper, and sharing them with the community via blogging.

Blogging Builds Authority

As the blogger goes through the time consuming exercise of creating those 1000 words a day, something magical and fantastic begins to happen. It works much like compound interest does, where each addition of resources on consecutive days, adds to the overall value of the whole. Soon, those 1000 words a day about photography turn into hundreds of thousands of words amassed over time about your craft. Do you know what happens to someone who focuses that much effort and time into their chosen subject? They get damn good at it! At the same time, their credibility and authority in the field grows by leaps and bounds, leading to more opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Blogging Can Earn Money

As you set out on your journey of self growth and professional development in you field through blogging, you will begin to gain more traffic and visitors to your blog. If you are diligent in your pursuit of creating excellent content, over time, this traffic can become a substantial number. Once this happens, in addition to the many other benefits of blogging, you can begin to monetize your blog. When you start, it may only provide enough funds to buy a cup of coffee a few times a week. On the other end of the spectrum, there are blogs like Techcrunch, The Verge, Boy Genius Report, Slashdot, Macrumors, and many more that make tens of thousands of dollars per month from their blog. This can be done by selling items and tools that people might need in your field, providing advertising for similar sponsors, or providing leads to companies that provide services related to your content. This can be a great motivator to continue with your blogging.

Blogging Builds Communication Skills

Time and time again, when scientific surveys are done about what skills are most needed to succeed, communication skills rank almost always near the top. Over time, and especially now more than ever, it takes teams of people to accomplish worthy goals and to solve complex problems that face us. The smartest person in the world is not going to be much help if that person can not communicate effectively with others to share their knowledge. By having excellent communication skills, you become better able to teach others your talents, but perhaps even more importantly, you become better able to learn and adapt to new and challenging situations by means of effective communication.

Blogging Attracts Customers

If you run a business, or work for a small to medium sized business, there is one thing that you will need no matter what size the business is. This of course, is customers. Customers are what make the world go round, without them, business stops dead in its tracks. This is why the media and advertising companies tirelessly work to turn everyone into a consumer. In fact in the USA, we are often labeled as a consumer nation. This has not happened by accident, big business needs consumers more than anything, and through marketing and advertising, they have created this very thing. So we see that having customers is important, and by attracting visitors to the content in question, they very well may turn into valued customers.

Blogging Makes You A Teacher

We all have a responsibility to help others, and one of the best ways to help others is by sharing knowledge and teaching. There is an inherent joy in learning, and why not give back to the community by helping to teach others in a way where they will learn something beneficial to them. At the same time, Teaching and Learning are very much a two way street. The Teacher does not effectively provide learning to the student, without learning themselves. This is why it is absolutely true that Teaching is the best way to learn something.


So have these ideas and tips motivated you to get moving, and get blogging? We sure hope they did, and we wish you the best of luck in your daily blogging routine.