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  • What Is An API

    What Is An API

    What is an API? The internet is home to numerous web applications that have created vast data. Much of this data has been made available through the use of APIs. Let’s say you want to add stock market data to your website. There’s an API for that. If you want to add the weather, there’s […]

  • Browser Testing Tools

    Browser Testing Tools

    What Is Browser Testing Browser testing is a quality assurance method for web applications across multiple browsers. Testing ensures the quality of your website on different screens. Cross-browser testing is essential because you’ll want to ensure that your application, after much hard work and investment, works properly for all users. This is crucial in driving […]

  • What Is Semantic HTML

    What Is Semantic HTML

    Web developers may use a combination of non-semantic HTML and Semantic HTML when building websites. The word semantic means “relating to meaning,” so semantic HTML tags give us information about the content between the opening and closing tags. By putting Semantic HTML to use, we can use HTML elements based on their meaning, not on […]

  • What Are HTML Tables

    What Are HTML Tables

    Tables in HTML are a great tool for displaying information that is tabular in nature. This includes things like sports scores, invoice data, stock prices, and so on. Many websites on the Internet continue to use HTML tables because they are very efficient at organizing data in a visually pleasing way. While tabular data can […]

  • How To Structure An HTML Page

    How To Structure An HTML Page

    Structuring an HTML page is an exercise in using the basic HTML tags available to you in order to provide structure and insert content in HTML markup. Some HTML tags have a specific purpose like image tags, but most of the HTML tags are used to structure the page and describe the content that they […]

  • How To Write HTML Code

    How To Write HTML Code

    The first step to building a website is learning HTML. HTML is essential because it is the skeleton of all web pages. HTML provides structure to the content on a website, including text, images, buttons, videos, and links. HTML is a great place to start your learning journey when first learning to code. It is […]

  • How To Use Express Middleware

    How To Use Express Middleware

    Middleware is a technique that allows software developers to make specific code run anytime an Express route is called. The middleware pattern makes it possible to execute code between a server receiving a request and sending a response. Hence the name Middleware, as it lives in the middle. Express uses middleware to apply behavior to […]