Cool Websites To Discover Other Cool Websites

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Cool Websites To Discover Other Cool Websites

Not only is building cool websites a blast, finding new and exciting websites that you’ve never seen before is also quite cool. There are a few ways to go about this. Mostly, folks will head on over to their favorite search engine and start typing away, looking for some new and interesting content. You might have some great luck with that, but sometimes you’d like a bit more of that human touch. Many of the following cool websites take into account some type of human curation into the equation to help find other cool websites. Let’s have a look at them now.


Stumbleupon is known for taking your unique interests, and compiling a comprehensive list of websites that you might be interested in based on what others with interests similar to yours have enjoyed. When you first start out with Stumbleupon, you may be unsure of how to best get started. There are a few ways to use and navigate Stumbleupon and it is very flexible. Stumbleupon is one of the older content discovery sites and it has over 20 million users that it can curate websites from. Some of the categories you can choose from are Health, Arts, History, Commerce, Outdoors, Religion, Regional, Media, Science, Technology, Movies, Home, Living, Sports, Computers, and more. Over time, based on the sites you like, Stumbleupon will assign you a DNA, your own personal taste for cool websites. It’s not quite as hip and new as some of the others, but you’re still bound to find some interesting sites over at Stumbleupon.
stumbleupon cool website
Photo Credit: Stumbleupon

Check out these cool websites


In what is considered The Front Page of the internet by the community, Reddit boasts one of the most highly trafficked properties online today. It’s no wonder why. At reddit, you’ll find some of the most eclectic, absurd, wacky, zany, funny, and smart users online. Initially, Reddit was a way to democratize the news, with it’s users voting stories up or down. The hive mind would eventually promote the best stories to the front page, while the duds where left to be buried. Beyond news, you’ll find some really incredible things at reddit. The site consists of what are called subreddits, or categories so to speak, of various interests. The most popular subreddits include funny, adviceanimals, pics, aww, todayilearned, leagueoflegends, videos, wtf, gifs, gaming, askreddit, worldnews, trees, 4chan, politics, pokemon, showerthoughts, and more. It’s quite the mix to say the least.
cool website reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit


The Digg of today is much different than the Digg of yesteryear. When Digg first came on the scene, it was the most groundbreaking website in the world. It was the first time someone created a system to allow the user community to submit and vote on links to decide what was promoted to the front page. For many years it had a dedicated community and following, but began to falter when sponsered content from major news sites began to taint the user experience. It has since been bought out by Betaworks, and has been redesigned from the ground up. It’s still a great website, and worth the daily visit to see what Digg happens to find interesting on any given day.
Photo Credit: Digg

5000 Best

5000 Best is a cool website. It lacks any design credibility and looks like it was built in 1999. This however will not stop you from finding the content and value they provide to be extremely useful. Much like craigslist is not the least bit concerned about what you think of their design, 5000 Best just wants to provide the 5000 Best Things in various categories. In this case we’re specifically talking about Websites, but don’t let that stop you from finding the 5000 Best Movies, 5000 Best Books, 5000 Best Games, 5000 Best Tools, 5000 Best Videos, and 5000 Best Pictures. A cool website and worth the visit.
Photo Credit: 5000 Best


If you know women, you know Pinterest. Some estimate put the percentage of their userbase at 80%. When you consider that Pinterest has over 70 Million users you come to the conclusion that, there’s a whole lot of women on Pinterest. Part of the appeal of Pinterest is that it is the easiest site in the world to use. Click, Pin, Repeat. There is very little user input required, and an extremely satisfying visual experience for the user. You’ll find a ton of awesome images for any topic you can imagine but Homes, Landscapes, Vacations, and other genres that lend themselves well to the visual will be the most popular. In some ways, the site feels a touch trendy. It could be a bit of a fad, but it’s one to watch to see how it evolves over time.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

More of It

If you have a handful of cool websites but would like to find more like them, more of it is for you. It can be described as a similarity search engine if you will. The way it works is, you enter a website that you like, and click go. Actually in this case their go button is titled ‘moreofit’. So you click that button and more of it will suggest similar cool websites that you might like. The creators boast of indexing more than 130,000,000 million cool websites and combining that with their own magical algorithm to provide the service.
Photo Credit: More Of It

Similar Sites

SimilarSites works in a way similar to More Of It. You provide the website, and SimilarSites provides the results. Their tagline is to Stop Searching, Start Discovering. A search for yielded results such as Engadget, Androidcentral, Techcrunch, Techmeme, Gizmodo, Arstechnica, 9To5mac, Thenextweb, and more. That seems like a pretty good collection of sites based on the original input. You can do this with any site you like and get a collection of cool websites to add to your bookmark collection. They’re not going to replace Google or Bing anytime soon, but it’s a fun site to test.
Photo Credit: Similar Sites

The Internet Map

Picture the internet as if you were looking at the stars on a crystal clear night when you can see faint images of the milky way. Better yet, picture the internet as if you were looking through a super powerful telescope at the night sky. The Internet Map is map to display websites relative position to one another. As websites link to and from other websites they create a complex web. The Internet Map displays cool websites with circles and the larger the circle, the more traffic the website gets. It’s pretty cool, and you need to check it out. Like now.
The Internet Map
Photo Credit: The Internet Map


Blekko is the brainchild of Richard Skrenta, the creator of the first ever known computer virus Elk Cloner which targeted Apple computers in 1982. It’s a bit strange to be known as the guy that created the computer virus, but nonetheless the man is brilliant and now uses his superpowers for good rather than evil. Blekko is his latest creation and it takes a different approach to content discovery, curation, and search. Ultimately, it’s a search engine however the curation and discovery is accomplished by a proprietary technology which includes human input and editorial processes. Think of it as a more human algorithm. update: It looks like IBM Watson has acquired Blekko.
Photo Credit: Blekko

Pop Urls has been around for quite a long time, and makes use of RSS feeds to collect and aggregate headlines from other websites such as Reddit, The Verge, Digg, Flickr, The Huffington Post, Meta Filter, Longform, Youtube, Buzzfeed, New York Times, 500px, and others. You can also customize the site to your liking, adding and removing sources of news. It’s worthy of a mention in our list of cool websites to discover other cool websites.
popurls website
Photo Credit: Pop Urls

Voat is a website very much like Reddit, in that users submit links to other websites and news. Those links get voted on by the community of users to determine which links make it to the front page. The community is formed around what Voat calls, Subverses, which pretty much directly align to what Reddit calls a Subreddit. This is a group which agrees to collect and curate links about a specific topic. Users can also submit comments to be voted on. A cool website indeed.
voat website
Photo Credit: Voat

Alternative To

Alternative To is a really cool website that helps you to find alternatives to a particular app or website. For example, we did a quick test to find alternative websites to The Verge and we got some nice recommendations such as,,,, and others. Users of the site can submit their opinion on whether or not a particular app or website actually is a good alternative. This crowdsourced feature helps ensure quality results to site visitors.
alternative to website
Photo Credit: Alternative To


Exploratorium is actually a real physical thing, not just a website! Exploratorium can be found in San Francisco California, and it is what they refer to themselves as a public learning laboratory which explores the world through human perception, art, and science. The organization looks very impressive. On their website is a section dedicated to finding interesting websites which is worth a visit.
exploratorium cool website
Photo Credit: Exploratorium


SimilarSiteSearch is a cool website that offers up alternative and similar websites to the one you provide to the search engine. The website makes use of various algorithms and social signals that help determine the purpose and topics of various websites. This data is then crunched to provide you cool and interesting websites you might like to visit.
similar site search website
Photo Credit: SimilarSiteSearch

Hacker News

Hacker News is the very definition of a minimalist website design, but what it lacks in visual eye candy, it makes up for with links to some of the most cutting edge stories happening in the technology and programming industries. Hacker news is dedicated to finding the most interesting websites hackers and intellectual types would like to know about.
hacker news cool website
Photo Credit: Hacker News


So there you have it friends, Cool Websites You Can Use To Discover Other Cool Websites. Go ahead and bookmark this post or share it with your friends, they’ll thank you for it!

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