Design Inspiration Sites

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Design Inspiration Sites

We’re going to keep the creativity rolling with this episode by featuring some of the coolest Design Inspiration Sites on the interwebs for getting your design, creativity, and inspirational juices flowing! There may come times when you just can’t get that creative spark moving. It can be frustrating whether you are stuck on a particular mock up, or can’t get the right behavior in a script you are writing, or countless other obstacles. This list of websites that share links will help break through the roadblocks and get you on the right track again πŸ™‚

Design Inspiration Sites

1. Designspiration

designspiration Design Inspiration Sites

Designspiration is a cool Design Inspiration Site which helps you to discover and share great design. It is carefully maintained and curated to present only high quality design inpiration which can be shared with everyone. Launched in 2010 by Shelby White who is also behind Wanken and writes for ISO50.

2. Favourite Website Awards

Design Inspiration Sites Favourite Website Awards

Watch out, because here comes FWA! FWA or Favourite Website Awards is recognized all over the web as an industry standard internet award program. FWA has been online since May of 2000 and has had millions upon millions of visitors since that time. Check out the great Design Inspiration Site today!

3. The Design Inspiration

The Design Inspiration

Another great resource for you to check out is The Design Inspiration which is built by designers for designers. By curating many illustrations, logos, and patterns, they serve up an inspiring mix of content that both highlights others work and offers you ideas to build on. Definitely an excellent Design Inspiration Site to keep bookmarked.

4. Baubauhaus


Yes the name is unique, and the daily collection of photography, fashion, design, and illustration related content is as well! Baubauhaus makes it a point to entertain you with great content that aims to inspire. This Design Inspiration Site was started by Stefan Lucut & Andrei Don of Romania. Check them out!

5. FFFFound!


You may easily lose count of the number of letter F’s in this websites name! If you count, it is four. FFFFound is an application of sorts that provides a way for users to share great images found on the internet. There is a recommendation engine built in that quite handily recommends cool images based on the users interests.

6. Logopond


At Logopond, you can create an account which will give you your own profile page which then will host your logos for all to see. Its a great way to network with other designers, or simply to browse what others have created as a source of inspiration.

7. Typo Graphic Posters

Graphic Posters

typo/graphic posters is a really cool website for inpiration by way of poster culture. If you love typography and graphics, this is the site for you! The collection of content is expertly curated with an eye for solid design. Launced in 2008 by Andre Felipe. I like their philosophy of ‘Consume quality to create quality’.

8. Cargo Collective

Cargo Collective

Another platform to publish your wares for display to others is that of the Cargo Collective. It’s a really cool Design Inspiration Site that offers users their own profile with highly customizeable design templates and an easy to use user interface. It’s a fun site and worth visiting.

9. UI Parade

UI Parade

This website acts as an online catalog of inspiration for user interface experts. UI Parade is great at featuring UI design which has been created by many of the best designers in the business. They also create workflows and various resources with a focus on UI designers.

10. Pattern Tap

Pattern Tap

To be inspired, one must find influence from the world around them. Pattern Tap gets this and helps to provide an outlet to do just that. They refer to their site as a living classroom which helps designers learn what does and does not work well on the web. Launched in 2008 by Matthew Smith.

11. UI Cloud

UI Cloud

UI cloud is a slick website that organizes the best UI designs from around the internet and indexes them into a search engine so you can find the coolest UI elements. The goal is to create the biggest such site for designers the world over.

12. Line25 Inspiration

Line25 Inspiration

This Design Inspiration Site is curated and maintained by Chris Spooner. It has many different types of great posts and covers things ranging from tutorials, design patterns, inspiration ideas, and more. The blog is updated frequently and you’re sure to find some quality pieces of content to generate ideas and inspire you.

13. But Does It Float

But Does It Float

But It Does Float is a really cool Design Inspiration Site built on the Cargo Collective Platform. It is actually a curation effort of three people and they each have their own website at Folkert,Β AtleyΒ andΒ Will Definitely a great collection of inspiration and worthy of your time to check them out.

14. From up North

From up North

This great Design Inspiration Site promotes and inspires the worlds great creative minds. At From Up North you can find inspiration on Photography, Advertising, Graphic Design, Web Development, Motion Graphics, and more. Launched in 2009 by Daniel Nelson.

15. Typography Served

Typography Served

Typography Served presents design creations such as typeface design, lettering, illustrated typography, and other typographic treatment. Projects selected for promotion on the site are chosen by a team of expert curators so you are sure to find quality inspiration at this Design Inspiration Site.

16. The Best Designs

The Best Designs

The Best Designs is a great website that recognizes the best of web design from around the internet. Webmasters can submit their site to be reviewed for recognition and to appear alongside some of the best designs in the world. The Best Designs is a fantastic Design Inspiration Site for your ideas and inspiration.



Based out of France, CSSDSGN uses a mimimalist design with dark theme. It looks really sleek and modern however, and they do provide a form so that webmasters can submit their site for inclusion into the curated database of designs. A great Design Inspiration Site to frequent for fresh inspiration.

18. Booooooom


With more O’s than an Olympic Symbol, Booooooom was launched in 2008. Jeff Hamada is the creator, and Booooooom now proudly owns the distinction of being the most visited art blog in Canada! The Booooooom Design Inspiration Site lives on the bleeding edge of contemporary design and has helped up and coming artists get their work recognized.

19. HTTPster


These cats keep it real with only the hottest of hot website designs to showcase. Curation is not easy, but Httpster does the hard work for you so all you have to do is visit their site and bask in the greatness of awesome design ideas.

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