Get your cloud based networking at home with Skydog


Skydog is in the house

For the majority of people, home networking is a foreign topic. You either have your kids set it up for you, or you set it up for your parents depending on your generation. This amounted to visiting your local best buy, picking up your favorite wireless router from Linksys, netgear, or Apple, following the install steps on the CD and forgetting about it once it started working. The minority diehards may want to dig deeper into the home networking arena and an outfit name PowerCloud Systems might be what they are looking for. PowerCloud makes a product named Skydog which is a cloud based platform for home networking. Skydog allows the user to monitor the devices and permissions in used on the network and set up policies and profiles to divvy up bandwidth and quality of service.

Skydog has its roots in the enterprise world where PowerCloud has been servicing the likes of retail stores, hotels, and schools since 2008. With technology spreading into the wider population, PowerCloud moved on an initiative to create a more consumer friendly interface for the cloud platform in order to facilitate mass adoption. Skydog is the result of this effort.

Skydog is in the very early stages of development and has approximately 250 systems that backers on Kickstarter will get to kick the tires on. It will be a great test to see if this much sophistication and control is needed in the home, or if could base home networking is still a niche market.