JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners

JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners

JavaScript is everywhere, which is why we have a great JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners here at Vegibit. If Chuck Norris had his way, there would not be one thing left on earth not coded in JavaScript. ATM machines, JavaScript. Commercial Airliners, JavaScript. Internet Routers, JavaScript. Self driving Tesla Cars, JavaScript. Actually, this would likely not be a good idea. There are some things left best to good old C code. It is true however, especially with the rise of the Internet, that JavaScript is everywhere. To help with your journey of navigating the JavaScript programming language, we have have assembled this epic list of resources for you to digest and prosper. Onward!

  • https://vegibit.com/javascript

    JavaScript Tutorials For BeginnersAn excellent 15 lesson long tutorial series on JavaScript and as a bonus, jQuery. You’ll learn the very basics, code structure, variables, operators and expressions, types and objects, the DOM or document object model, events, functions, frameworks, and more. Geared towards the beginner.

  • http://eloquent-javascript.net/

    JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners eloquentjavascriptThis is a pretty epic and incredible coverage of the JavaScript language. In fact, the contents of this website are available as a book in and of itself, though you can still read the tutorials for free at the website. Eloquent JavaScript has become one of the ‘Go To’ resources for JavaScript today.

  • https://developer-mozilla.org/-A_re-introduction_to_JavaScript

    JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners mozilla-a-re-introduction-to-JavaScriptA re introduction to JavaScript by the Mozilla Developer Network, is another must have resource for learning about JavaScript. The title of this article plays homage to the fact that indeed, JavaScript is the world’s most misunderstood programming language. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your path to JavaScript Nirvana will be correct with the guidance of this JS Tutorial.

  • http://www.js-therightway.org/

    JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners javascript-the-right-wayThis website serves as a guide to people new to JavaScript and experienced developers alike. The goal is to highlight best practices, as you will find that there are so many different ways to solve the same problem. A great resource to have in your toolkit.

  • http://codecademy.com/-tracks/javascript

    codecademy-javascriptAlways a favorite is the awesome interactive learning provided at codecademy. Being able to start at the ground level, and then slowly progressing along with hints and tips provided as needed, is a great way to instill confidence in the beginning JavaScript programmer. In addition, for those that learn best in a hands on type environment, you just can’t go wrong with codecademy.

  • https://developer-mozilla.org/-core_javascript_1.5_guide

    mozilla-core-javascriptAnother gem from the Mozilla Developers Network is their official reference guide to the JavaScript language. This resource is perfectly organized into grammar and types, control flow and error handling, loops and iteration, functions, expressions and operators, numbers and dates, text formatting, arrays, keyed collections, objects, and much more.

  • http://reference-designer.com/-tutorials/js/js_1.php

    referencedesigner-tutorials-javascriptThis is a fine JavaScript tutorial for beginners by the folks at Reference Designer. This beginner level interactive tutorial is aimed at the user who has a basic knowledge of HTML and is ready to enhance the user experience with JavaScript. Not only for beginners, it can also server as a reference for intermediate and advanced programmers alike.

  • http://adobe.com/-intro-to-javascript-for-the-total-beginner.html

    adobe-javascript-for-the-beginnerComing from the same folks that brought you the ever popular Dreamweaver wysiwyg tool, is this Introduction to JavaScript for the total beginner by Adobe. You’ll start with ‘Hello World’ and move on up to more advanced topics like browser based calculations, working with variables, and dealing with strings.

  • http://lifehacker.com/-learn-to-code-the-full-beginners-guide

    lifehacker-learn-to-code-beginners-javascriptYou can always count on Lifehacker.com to provide some ridiculously awesome stuff. This collection of tutorials to teach you programming using the JavaScript language is no different! It’s broken up into 4.5 lessons in an easy to digest format that covers variable and data types, arrays and logic statements, functions, as well as best practices and additional resources.

  • https://www.khan-academy.org/-computing/computer-programming/programming

    khanacademy-javascript-beginnersWhen Bill Gates says that one of his favorite websites is Khan Academy, you know you’ve got a winner. This fun collection of tutorials makes use of JavaScript and ProcessingJS to create your own animations and drawings in the browser.

  • http://code-tutsplus.com/-tutorials/the-best-way-to-learn-javascript

    tutsplus-learn-javascriptOnce again, Tuts Plus has you covered with any needs you have for learning about code. This episode strives to provide the best way to learn JavaScript. It’s a good lesson, that also strives to look at and investigate the JavaScript language for what it is, and also for what it is not. Remember, JavaScript is the world’s most misunderstood programming language.

  • http://microsoft-virtual-academy.com/-training-courses/javascript-fundamentals-for-absolute-beginners

    javascript-fundamentals-for-beginnersWhen you think about JavaScript, Microsoft is not usually the first thing to pop into your mind. Well in this fantastic Channel 9 collection of tutorials, you’ll be delighted with 21 episodes of learning from Bob Tabor, famed for his excellent learnvisualstudio.net video tutorials website. Bob is a super talented instructor, and he will inspire you with these great lessons on JavaScript.

  • http://htmldog.com/-javascript/beginner/

    htmldog-javascript-beginnerWhat’s up Dog? JavaScript, that’s what’s up! HTML Dog has a great JavaScript Beginner Tutorial. Take note: HTML Dog makes it perfectly clear that learning JavaScript may entail rabid sharks and angry piranhas. As such, and for your own safety, be sure to brush up on your HTML and CSS chops before proceeding!

  • http://webmonkey.com/-javascript_tutorial/

    webmonkey-javascript-tutorial JavaScript Tutorials For BeginnersWebmonkey from Wired has all kinds of great Web Design and Web Development resources for all to enjoy. This particular one focuses on the fun and excitement that can be had with JavaScript. Webmonkey keenly observes that even though JavaScript is simple to work with, it is a complete, powerful, and robust computer programming language.

  • http://learn-jquery.com/-about-jquery/how-jquery-works/

    how-jquery-works JavaScript Tutorials For BeginnersOnce you have a basic understanding of how plain JavaScript works, it makes sense for the beginner to learn something about jQuery. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library of all time! You’ll be simply amazed by how much you can accomplish in very small amounts of written code with the jQuery library. jQuery is written in JavaScript. Who knows, once you become and expert JavaScripter, maybe you’ll create the next big JavaScript library that will take over the world.

  • http://w3-schools.com/js/

    JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners w3schools-javascriptW3Schools makes good use of their ‘Try it Yourself’ feature to test basic snippets of JavaScript right in your web browser. At this tutorial, they claim that JavaScript is easy to learn, and that you’ll go from beginner to advanced in no time.

  • http://tutorials-point.com/-javascript/

    tutorialspoint-javascript JavaScript Tutorials For BeginnersTutorials Point also has a nice collection of lessons for learning JavaScript. The goal of this collection is to create web pages with JavaScript by following their collection of tutorials. They also provide a form to provide feedback.

  • http://code-project.com/-JavaScript-For-Beginners

    JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners codeproject-javaScript-For-BeginnersThe code project is another good resource for leaning JavaScript at the beginning levels. This particular article comes from all the way back in 2000, yet it still has some great concepts for you to learn.

  • http://homeand-learn.co.uk/-javascript.html

    JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners homeandlearn-javascriptHome and learn has a decent little collection of tutorials aimed at the JavaScript Beginner. Like most of their tutorials, you’ll progress through several sections to build on your mastery of the topic. The course does assume some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

  • http://www.creative-bloq.com/-javascript/javascript-debugging-beginners

    JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners creativebloq-javascriptEven as a beginner, you’re going to need to know something about debugging your creations as you write more code. This article will help you do just that. Learn about the tools available to you to help with inspecting how your program runs, where things might be going wrong, and how to optimize your code.

  • http://javascript-roadtrip-codeschool.com/

    JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners javascript-roadtrip-codeschoolCode School has a great interactive tutorial in the style of Codecademy learning. You’ll make use of both video tutorials, hands on application of the topics, and gamification to progress through your learning.

  • http://ejohn.org/-apps/learn/

    JavaScript Tutorials For BeginnersThe JavaScript Ninja himself and creator of the most popular jQuery JavaScript Library, has this tutorial for learning JavaScript. Warning: This is not a beginner level tutorial. In fact, it is at the advanced level. We include it for two reasons. 1.) It’s just that cool and 2.) If you made it this far, you’re probably not a beginner anymore and will handle the challenge like a champ.

  • https://www.javascript.com/

    javascriptWho could ask for a better domain name than that? The fine folks at Code School put together this excellent resource for both beginners and seasoned web developers alike. There is an entire JavaScript course geared to towards newcomers to the language. In addition, there are news items, tips, tricks, and tutorials about the latest happenings in the JS community regarding the latest and greatest frameworks and libraries.

JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners Summary

Armed with more JavaScript knowledge than you could possibly ever imagine, you are now ready – young Ninja, to tackle the internets and bring justice to Web Development across the land. Good luck on your journey and if you need a refresher, come back to this JavaScript Tutorials For Beginners resource.