MySQL Tutorials For Beginners

MySQL Tutorials For Beginners List

If you’re a beginner, or even more advanced, this MySQL Tutorials For Beginners will be a good resource for you. In learning web development, you’re going to need to know some amount of SQL or MySQL at some point. The whole point of building dynamic websites is to be able to tie into a database to store and retrieve information. Just like when learning about how to use PHP Frameworks, one must have some amount of knowledge about OOP, or object oriented programming. One of the things that is great about frameworks are ORM’s, or object relational mappers. Well guess what, if you don’t know how native SQL and MySQL works, you’ll be up a creek without a paddle. With this in mind, let’s examine some resources to make sure we’re up to speed with MySQL and working with databases.

  • https://vegibit.com/mysql/

    vegibitWe have a nice collection of MySQL tutorials right here at Vegibit Web Development Tutorials. MySQL is a relatively large topic to cover, so we go over many particulars of the language. We begin with a basic introduction of MySQL then move into data types and the declarative nature of SQL. Moving on, we go into DDL data definition language, DML data manipulation language, functions, operators, joins, and more.

  • http://www.sqlishard.com/

    sqlishardAs you move through learning SQL, you may reach a point where you say, “You know what, Sql is hard!” and you’d be right to say that. The basics are easy. Deceptively easy in fact. Once you get to the point were you are doing some really advanced joins, subqueries, and so on, your mind just might explode. This is where this site comes in – the creators have duly noted that SQL is hard, and as such, have made an awesome interactive tutorial for you to enjoy. Complete the exercises and prosper.

  • http://sqlteaching.com/

    sqlteachingSQL Teaching is another really cool website that allows you to learn in an interactive manner. SQL teaching provides some excellent challenges where you can run real queries and get the results back. You’ll likely run into a whole bunch of incorrect answers, but you can just keep trying until you get that correct alert.

  • http://essentialsql.com/

    essentialsqlThe Essential SQL website doesn’t really focus directly on MySQL per say, however many of the SQL concepts will tie in directly to working with MySQL. The material certainly seems to written by someone of an expert level caliber, so it’s worth having in your resource list.

  • http://www.graspsql.com/

    graspsqlGrasp SQL is a nice little collection of SQL commands with examples, schemas, and even quizzes to test your knowledge. You’ll learn about select, group, join, tables, columns, rows, and more.

  • http://sqlzoo.net/

    sqlzooSQL Zoo is monster interactive SQL tutorial website that covers and entire range of concepts you’ll need to be successful working with relational databases. Again, this website also offers the ability to run real queries and learn from the results you get back. Using this hands on approach is key to really absorbing the material.

  • http://sqlcourse.com/

    sqlcourseThis IT Business Edge powered website is a unique tutorial that also allows you to pratice your SQL chops online right at their website. You’ll get immediate feedback when submitting your queries, and the beautiful thing is, you can’t mess up anyone’s data when working on a practice database. This is a good site to refresh and pratice SQL syntax as you learn.

  • http://sql-tutorial.ru/

    sql-tutorialThis SQL Tutorial website is an experiment in creating an interactive textbook experience for the means of teaching the syntax and use of the SQL programming language. It is very well executed, and a nice model for the practice of distance learning via interactive textbook style.

  • http://philip-greenspun.com/sql/

    philipgreenspunsqlThe Philip Greenspun website for SQL may look plain, but do not be fooled. This site is the work of an MIT educated Ninja. (notice the mit.edu email address). As you get into reading the site, you’ll learn this is basically an entire book of expert level database knowledge for free online.

  • http://sql.learncode-thehardway.org/

    sql-learncodethehardwayWhey anyone would want to do something the hard way, I have no idea. Most would prefer the easiest way possible. No matter, this is a great website and resource for learning about working with the SQL language through a large collection of well crafted exercises. Remember, no pain, no gain – do it the hard way.

  • http://code.tutsplus.com/-articles/sql-for-beginners

    sql-for-beginnersThis oldie but goodie from 2009 is still a great resource for the beginner. The tutorial makes use of the ever popular and simple WAMP application to get you up and running with your own database in just a few clicks. There are a large amount of screenshots to follow along with, and also hundreds of comments that you can skim through to see what kinds of questions other people had as well.

  • http://lynda.com/-mysql-training-tutorials/

    MySQL-training-tutorialsYou can always count on Lynda to find some really excellent learning resources for whatever it is you want to learn. The Lynda tutorials make use of MySQL in conjunction with PHP, Linux, and Apache – so you’ll feel right at home as a web developer honing your SQL programming skills.

  • http://dev.mysql.com/

    dev-mysql-sql-syntaxThis is the official website for the creators and maintainers of the MySQL language. This website is perfect to use as a reference to make sure that your learning is staying true to what the official best practices are.

  • http://sqlformat.org/

    sqlformatSQL Format is really a super useful website to help you with your SQL queries. While not a tutorial website, it is a great tool to plug in some of your queries, and get them back prettified, and formatted beautifully. Why is this useful? You’ll find that once your queries start getting really complex and you begin to lose track of what they even do, having a tool to properly format and indent them automatically for you will bring you untold joy and happiness.

  • http://tutorials-point.com/mysql/

    tutorialspoint-mysqlTutorials Point is always a good bet for some good reference material, in addition to tutorial style exercises. This collection is very thorough and will take you from beginner to advanced if you have the patience to go through all of the learning sections.

  • http://mysql-tutorial.org/

    mysqltutorialThis entire website is dedicated to learning and mastering the MySQL language in an easy and fun way. Included are examples that dovetail right back into the teaching material which will solidify the topics covered. Go from the basics, to stored procedures, sql triggers, views, functions, tips, tricks, and more.

  • http://zetcode.com/-databases/mysqltutorial/

    zetcode-databases-mysqltutorialZetCode for programmers is a delightfully useful website that has tutorials for all kinds of different technologies. In addition to GUI Graphical User Interfaces, Java, Visual Basic, and more, is this thorough coverage of the MySQL language and syntax. This is a 5 star website that you must bookmark.

  • http://sqlfiddle.com/

    sqlfiddleSQL Fiddle comes last, not because it is not awesome, because it is, but because you really do need to have some of the basics down before you try to make use of it. SQL Fiddle is a great tool you can use right in your browser to test and share all kinds of database problems and challenges along with their solutions. You’ll often find answers to database problems on Stack Overflow with a link to SQL Fiddle for reference. Think of it like an advanced pastebin for SQL.

  • http://www.sqlbolt.com/

    sqlboltSQL Bolt is an interactive tutorial website to help you learn to use sql with simple, interactive example based learning. One of the challenges of working with SQL is having to set up a database to work with, but with a website like SQL Bolt, you do not need to worry about this. Just follow along step by step with each SQL excercise, and you’ll be learning the SQL language right in your browser.

  • https://www.khanacademy.org/-computing/computer-programming/sql

    khanacademy-computing-computer-programming-sqlIf you made it this far and you are still ready to hone your SQL skills, then you are in great luck. One of the best resources available today, Khan Academy, now has a full blown course on the SQL language. A nice bonus is that not only are the basics covered, but even more advanced queries as well.

MySQL Tutorials For Beginners Summary

And with that, we have completed our round up of some fantastic resources to enhance your MySQL Foo. Just remember, with great power, comes great responsibility, and with your new found MySQL knowledge, you are armed and dangerous. Use the force for good deeds my good internet citizen!