The Top 11 Most Important HTML Text Features to Learn


We’re moving onward and upward in getting HTML and HTML5 solidly into the grey matter between your ears! In this magnanimous HTML tutorial, we’ll be covering many features relating to text to give your online content that special sauce. Some folks go for the every Peppery Sriracha sauce, whilst myself, I think I’ll go with Franks Red Hot. Have you tried that stuff on Bacon? It’s awesome!…

Digging In To HTML Fundamentals


HTML has many fundamentals to be aware of. Whether we’re dealing with HTML comments, HTML whitespace, Block Level elements, or inline elements, there are several building blocks to memorize. Knowing these important key concepts will pave the way for our HTML5 learning. Let’s jump right in!

Whitespace and Comments

Whitespace is a term that describes characters which do not usually display anything when rendered on a page.…

What Is HTML

what is html

We’re going to take a close look now at HTML5 and in order to do that, we have to take a look at a little bit about what HTML is, where it comes from, and the direction it is headed. HTML truly is the language of the web. I know we have spoken about JavaScript being the language of the web, or PHP being the language of the web.…

jQuery AJAX Tutorial


AJAX is in use all over the internet today. By using AJAX, your website can get data from remote services and communicate with your web server without a full page refresh. In recent times, AJAX has really become one of the major components of building modern web applications. It can be a little tricky to implement in native JavaScript, but by using jQuery, it does become a whole lot easier.…

jQuery Effects and Animation Methods

The 11 Most Awesome jQuery Effects and Animation Methods

One of the great things about the modern web of today is that there are a lot of fantastic animations and effects on web pages and User Interfaces. Boring static text and lame images are gone, slick and engaging experiences are in. Having these effects can greatly add to the overall navigation, and often gives the user slick visual cues as to what is the next call to action and so on.…