What Is Twitter Bootstrap?

twitter bootstrap

We’ve covered a little bit about the Twitter Bootstrap Framework here at Vegibit already, but now we’re ready for a deep dive. It’s time to really dig in by way of a series. In this first post of the series, we’ll get right into what bootstrap is, who uses it, what’s new, and the pros and cons of UI frameworks. Let’s Jump In!

What is Bootstrap?

The Ultimate Guide To Object Oriented PHP

object oriented php

PHP is now a mature language that has very strong support for object oriented programming. We like to talk about frameworks a lot, and these frameworks are built using object oriented PHP. In order for us to make the very best use of these wonderful programming frameworks, we must have a very strong grasp of object oriented techniques and best practices. The benefits are many, but at the top of the list are much greater code reuse, clean design, and simplified code maintenance.…

The 27 Most Popular File Functions in PHP

File Functions PHP

After getting a firm grasp on PHP Strings and PHP Arrays, the next good stop for your mastery is working with files and the filesystem. Because PHP so easily integrates with all kinds of database connectivity, many times folks will overlook plain old flat files for methods of storage and caching. Working with the files and the filesystem however, can be extremely efficient, especially for small projects or applications.…

The Ultimate Guide to PHP Functions

php functions

Functions are what make our code tick. At the end of the day, we’d like our code to actually do something. The function is what makes this happen, it is the verb, the call to action. The building blocks of all great programs are functions. In PHP there are thousands of built in functions, along with the ability to define your own. Since functions are so important to our everyday programming, this tutorial will serve as the ultimate guide to PHP functions.…

Custom Helper Functions in Laravel

Custom Helper Functions in Laravel

In creating our PHP String Helper Functions, we were able to define four useful string helper functions to use in our projects. Recall we had a split_string() function, a find_between() function, a find_all() function, and a delete() function. They’re really cool and helpful for quick and dirty string manipulation. Let’s say we want to make use of these functions in Laravel, how can we do that?…