5 Hashtag Concepts in the World of Twitter

5 Hashtag Concepts in the world of Twitter

The Hashtag Concept

If you’re new to twitter you may have noticed these funky little hashtag pound sign thingies prefixed before terms and words. At first it’s a bit confusing, however very powerful. The idea is straight forward enough, and learning about how to use the hashtag will increase your enjoyment and productivity during your use the social media darling known as twitter.

Here to Categorize

In the search engine world you can type in your search and be provided with all the results related to your search term.…

Learn PHP and Programming by using the Eclipse PDT Debugger

Learn PHP and Programming by using the Eclipse PDT Debugger

When you’re starting out with programming and reading tutorials as well as watching screencasts, it is sometimes hard to grasp what the code you are learning about is actually doing. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go through the code step by step and watch the status of variables update in real time, cycle by cycle. Once you learn how to do this, you will be cooking with gas and ready to improve your knowledge radically.…

7 Tips and Tricks for Twitter Bliss

Twitter is a fun social network to be a part of. Next to Google, Twitter is the second highest referrer of traffic to Vegibit. I suspect that number will increase over time as well, as Vegibit gets followers and traction on the network. Here are several great tips and tricks to get the most out of your twitter participation.

how to use twitter

1: Tweet Tweet!

Some people never tweet on twitter.…

Controllers in Codeigniter


The MVC pattern is popular in all languages and in particular PHP. MVC is the model, view, controller paradigm in programming. We’ll take a look at controllers now, as they are the portion of the MVC approach that handles incoming HTTP requests, and direct your application to take action. Controllers are used in all flavors of frameworks, and each has their own attributes. For this demonstration, we’ll focus on codeigniter.…

3 Concepts of Administering Windows Server 2012

When Administering Windows Server 2012 you will often need to use Powershell commands as well as command line tools to complete important tasks. These commands and tools operate on very verbose IT jargon. This article aims to simplify the terms, commands, and tools required to make administering windows server an easier task.

Administering Windows Server

The Terms

Authoritative Restore
Specifies that the contents of a certain portion of the Active Directory on a domain controller should override any changes on other domain controllers, regardless of their sequence numbers.…