Get your cloud based networking at home with Skydog


Skydog is in the house

For the majority of people, home networking is a foreign topic. You either have your kids set it up for you, or you set it up for your parents depending on your generation. This amounted to visiting your local best buy, picking up your favorite wireless router from Linksys, netgear, or Apple, following the install steps on the CD and forgetting about it once it started working.…

You Should Use Twitter Bootstrap!

If you are a design savvy person, you may have noticed that Vegibit uses the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. I freaking love this framework, and you should too, or rather if you’re unfamiliar, you will love it by the time you finish reading this article. Twitter Bootstrap was created by some cool kids named @fat and @mdo and licensed under the Apache License v2.0. Read the full license for all the legal speak, but I take it to mean that you get to use the framework for free, as in free beer.…

Write A Great Blog Post

write a great blog post

Write a great blog post

Do you think it’s easy to write a great blog post? If you answered yes, then good on you – tell us a little bit more in the comments about your best tips.  If you answered no, read on to follow a simple five step process to bang out some epic blog posts in minimal time.  Truth be told, there could be many combinations of steps that may or may not work for you however the five listed here have been very consistent in getting good results.…