Twitter Bootstrap 12 Column Grid

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The foundation of the Twitter Bootstrap framework is its Grid System. The Grid has been rewritten from the ground up in Bootstrap 3. All of the overall layout and screen adaption that takes place in your responsive design is handled by the Grid. It seems very easy in theory, but there are really a lot of details involved with how the Grid operates in the Bootstrap Framework.…

Create a Twitter Bootstrap Page

twitter bootstrap

We are moving forward and onward! We now have a good grasp of the Twitter Bootstrap File Structure, now we get to start having some fun. We do want to actually create some new designs with this great framework! The prior lesson helped us become familiar with how to get our own copy of Twitter Bootstrap, unzip the package, install the files, and examine those files to determine their purpose and meaning.…

Install Twitter Bootstrap

twitter bootstrap

Now that we know what Twitter Bootstrap is, let’s go ahead and dig deeper in to the framework so we can make use of all it has to offer. There is a little bit of setup involved, but it is fairly easy to get up and running, even for newcomers to HTML and Web Design. A few things we’ll need to cover include downloading your very own copy of the framework, becoming familiar with the structure and layout of the file system, including the Bootstrap CSS into our website, and finally adding the needed Javascript to our website.…

What Is Twitter Bootstrap?

twitter bootstrap

We’ve covered a little bit about the Twitter Bootstrap Framework here at Vegibit already, but now we’re ready for a deep dive. It’s time to really dig in by way of a series. In this first post of the series, we’ll get right into what bootstrap is, who uses it, what’s new, and the pros and cons of UI frameworks. Let’s Jump In!

What is Bootstrap?

The Ultimate Guide To Object Oriented PHP

object oriented php

PHP is now a mature language that has very strong support for object oriented programming. We like to talk about frameworks a lot, and these frameworks are built using object oriented PHP. In order for us to make the very best use of these wonderful programming frameworks, we must have a very strong grasp of object oriented techniques and best practices. The benefits are many, but at the top of the list are much greater code reuse, clean design, and simplified code maintenance.…