Controllers in Codeigniter


The MVC pattern is popular in all languages and in particular PHP. MVC is the model, view, controller paradigm in programming. We’ll take a look at controllers now, as they are the portion of the MVC approach that handles incoming HTTP requests, and direct your application to take action. Controllers are used in all flavors of frameworks, and each has their own attributes. For this demonstration, we’ll focus on codeigniter.…

3 Concepts of Administering Windows Server 2012

When Administering Windows Server 2012 you will often need to use Powershell commands as well as command line tools to complete important tasks. These commands and tools operate on very verbose IT jargon. This article aims to simplify the terms, commands, and tools required to make administering windows server an easier task.

Administering Windows Server

The Terms

Authoritative Restore
Specifies that the contents of a certain portion of the Active Directory on a domain controller should override any changes on other domain controllers, regardless of their sequence numbers.…

Domain Controllers in Active Directory


Domain controllers are the key piece of active directory network infrastructure since they are responsible to authenticate all users and computers in the domain. DNS or domain name service is a critical piece of supporting the logon and authentication process. Two types of domain controllers are read only, and read write. The read only version contains a copy of the ADDS database that is read only.…

What is Active Directory

active directoryActive Directory Domain Services are the core piece of software that power enterprise networks running the Windows operating system. An Active Directory Domain Services database is the means by which all domain objects, user accounts, computer accounts, and groups are stored. This provides a searchable directory, while providing a method to apply configuration and security settings for any object in the network. Other components of Active Directory Domain Services include, forest, domain, and organizational units (OUs).…

Install and Configure Windows Server 2012 with Windows Powershell

Add Computer

Welcome to Powershell

Windows PowerShell is an amazingly powerful tool to help you with common windows administrative tasks. If you are comfortable with one of the myriad of scripting languages available today, Powershell will be easy for you to learn while also providing the benefits of command line administration. Microsoft is pushing Powershell to the forefront of its management products. You’ll witness this in any new Microsoft product shipping today.…