Add a DNS Server in Windows Server

Install Your First DNS Server

As you install your first DNS server, you should start with a simple fairly simple configuration. DNS can be run within Active Directory or as a stand-alone server, and it makes sense to configure the local network adapter card using a static IP address. Dynamically assigned IP addresses on your DNS server will just complicate troubleshooting and is not worth the trouble.…

Group Scope in Active Directory

Group Scope in Active Directory

Group Scope in Active Directory

Active directory is a large topic yet one theme is consistent throughout the entire system, and that is the concept of Group Scope and Group Types. In the most generic form we have four types of group scope and two types of groups. This would be local, domain local, global, and universal for group scope while the group types consist of security groups and distribution groups.…

Using Operators in PHP


Operators are the secret sauce to your PHP. In fact they are the secret sauce to all programming because without them, you’d be doing a whole lot of nothing with the data you are trying to manipulate or operate on!

Operators are used with arguments. They are the data being operated on, also called Operands. One or many arguments can be used in these operations, though most commonly you will see two arguments.…

Understanding PHP Variable Scope


In PHP as in other programming languages, scope identifies areas in a program or script where a given variable is visible. There are many scope rules and here are the most important ones.

  • The native super globals can be viewed anywhere in the program.
  • Constants can be used outside as well as inside functions, i.e., they have global visibility.
  • When you define a global variable in a script, that variable will have visibility in all areas of that script except for inside of functions within that same script.

What a Constant is and how to declare one

What a Constant is and how to declare one

In PHP values that are stored in variables are updated all the time. What happens when you need a value to maintain consistency though? For that you can use constants. Similar to how we can assign a value to a variable, we also assign a value to a constant but the difference is that once you set that constant value, it cannot be modified. Let’s say you want to be sure the values of certain variables will not change in your application.…