Php Tutorials For Beginners

Php Tutorials For Beginners

Let’s jump into some Php Tutorials For Beginners! PHP is the most widely used programming language on servers that power websites for the Internet. It is a scripting language, yet quite powerful with thousands upon thousands of built in functions. PHP is a fantastic alternative to other languages like active server pages, Java, or Ruby. When you’re first starting out with the language, it can seem a bit overwhelming to know where to begin. This great collection of php tutorials will get you going in the right direction when you’re first starting out.

  • https://vegibit.com/php

    vegibit-php Php Tutorials For BeginnersThis Php tutorial series covers the gamut and if you take the time to go through the entire series, you’ll be able to build simple dynamic websites by the time you finish. Learn about variables, data types, useful functions, flow control, HTTP handling, database interaction, and more!

  • http://php.net/-manual/en/tutorial.php

    Php Tutorials For Beginners php-manual-tutorialIf you’re going to learn PHP, you might as well go right to the source, that is the official PHP documentation website. This particular tutorial is a perfect first step for the PHP beginner. In it, you’ll learn what you need to run PHP, creating your first PHP powered page, working with forms, and more.

  • http://php.about.com-/od/learnphp/ss/phpbasics.htm

    php-learnphp Php Tutorials For BeginnersThe beginners guide to programming in PHP found at about is a very solid introduction to the language, how it is used, and how you can learn it quickly. This 9 part series is perfect for the beginner learning PHP.

  • http://w3schools.com/-php/

    Php Tutorials For Beginners w3schools-phpAlways a good resource for things web development related, W3 schools has some nice approaches to learning where you can “try it for yourself” or “run an example”. Despite more seasoned developers considering w3 schools a second rate site, they do serve a good purpose for beginner level skills.

  • http://tutorials-point.com/php/

    tutorialspoint-php Php Tutorials For BeginnersTutorials point is a great site with the motto of, “Simply Easy Learning.” They take this approach to explain the nature of working with PHP as a beginner to get up to speed and build you base with PHP.

  • http://code.tutsplus.com/-tutorials/the-best-way-to-learn-php–net-22287

    Php Tutorials For Beginners tutsplus-tutorials-the-best-way-to-learn-phpThe tutsplus brand from the fine folks at envato always create some first class content for learning just about anything you want. This article on the best way to learn PHP is no different. They also make a nice reference to the haters of PHP, and its best to disregard them.

  • http://codeproject.com/-Articles/759094/Step-by-Step-PHP-Tutorials-for-Beginners-Creating

    codeproject-Step-by-Step-PHP-Tutorials-for-BeginnersCodeproject is another high quality site to help with your adventures in PHP. This article take you through creating a new program from scratch, with authentication, membership roles, and create read update delete functions.

  • http://lynda.com/-PHP-training-tutorials/282-0.html

    lynda-PHP-training-tutorialsIn other breaking news, Lynda has just been sold to LinkedIn for 1.5 billion dollars. Way to go Lynda! In addition to their business prowess, Lynda provides some excellent resources for aspiring developers. They make note that indeed a full 80% of websites on the internet today make use of PHP. Lynda is a great resource for you to add to your learning.

  • http://codecademy.com/-tracks/php

    codecademy-phpCodecademy once again makes the list as they are one of the best ways to learn with hands on exercises right in the browser. They’ll teach you to program in PHP the widespread programming language that is everywhere, even on huge sites like Facebook.

  • http://speckyboy.com/-php-tutorials-for-beginners/

    speckyboy-php-tutorials-for-beginnersSpeckyBoy is a solid website that provides some great tutorials for all aspects of web development. They note that PHP is easier to learn than languages like Java or .NET, so it makes a good starting point for beginners. If you’re a programming or PHP noob, this article is a good one for you.

  • http://devzone.zend.com/-php-101-php-for-the-absolute-beginner/

    devzone-zend-php-101-php-for-the-absolute-beginnerZend has done more for PHP than anyone else. They provide a dedicated Zend server, Zend Studio, and professional level enterprise PHP training. Thankfully, they also provide a fantastic series titled PHP For The Absolute Beginner. This is another fantastic resource to add to our list.

  • http://w3resource.com/-php/php-home.php

    w3resource-phpThe series at w3resource will take you through installation, basic variable types, data types, constants, operators, control statements, object oriented programming, forms, cookies, and more. The exercises are mostly geared towards the beginner.

  • http://webmonkey.com/-php_tutorial_for_beginners/

    webmonkey-php-tutorial-for-beginnersWebmonkey is another oldie but goodie from the fine folks over at Wired Magazine. Webmonkey notes that although simple, PHP is powerful and fits in perfectly with the even more basic language of the web, HTMl. Webmonkey’s PHP Tutorial For Beginners is a perfect addition to your collection.

  • https://css-tricks.com/-php-for-beginners-building-your-first-simple-cms/

    css-tricks-php-for-beginnersYou would think a site that is called css tricks would be strictly front end only, but alas, that is not the case! Css tricks is one of the best web development sites on the internet, and as such they cover all kinds of topics, not just CSS. In this beginner level PHP tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a database, connect to a database, display a form, save form data to a database, and more.

  • https://www.codeofa-ninja.com/-php-and-mysql-crud-tutorial.html

    codeofaninja-phpFinally, we have the code of ninja – because who doesn’t want to be a Ninja?! In this article, you’ll learn everything a beginner needs to know to get up to speed with PHP.

Php Tutorials For Beginners Summary

That should be enough content to keep you going for some time at the beginner level. If you have the time and patience to go through all of them, you surely won’t be a beginner for too long.