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Getting your acoustic echo canceller working to its full potential is key. We’ll show you how to do it right here, it’s very easy.

First off, determine what audio you want to prevent from causing an echo to the far end. This is almost always the incoming Video and Audio Signals which get retransmitted to the far end as their sound comes out of the local speakers, which then get picked up by the mics and send that sound right back to the remote participants. This is what creates the echo. We want to capture a copy of this audio so we can tell the Soundstructure to cancel it. This is what we call the reference. In this example we’ll capture the audio we want to cancel with a submix.

Review Your Matrix

Navigate to the Matrix Mixer and choose ‘Edit Channels’

Matrix Mixer

Add a Submix

From Select Category, choose Submix. From Select Channel Type, choose Stereo. Rename to AEC in the Label field. Click Add. Click Close.

Add Submix

Route the Audio in Question

Route the audio you want to cancel to the submix.

Route the audio

You’ve now successfully added a submix and routed the audio you want to cancel to that submix. You are not done yet! Now we need to tell the mics what audio to look for in order to cancel it.  Navigate to Channels, expand the AEC submenu on the Mics group, then use the dropdown menu to select AEC for the reference.

Choose Your Reference

Great work – now you can set up some audio and video calls to test your configuration.

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