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  • AWS Management Tools

    AWS Management Tools

    CloudFormation CloudTrail CloudWatch AWS Management Tools Summary CloudFormation Let’s say you’ve created a unique system in AWS using many different services and settings. Together, they work excellently, and you’d like to replicate the setup for a new project. Unfortunately, setting it up can take days, and you don’t precisely recall every step you took. Some […]

  • AWS Network And Content Delivery

    AWS Network And Content Delivery

    Amazon VPC Amazon CloudFront Amazon Route 53 AWS Network And Content Delivery Summary Amazon VPC Consider your home network for a moment. That’s a private network. You likely have a cable of fiber that runs into your home from the road, which links your home’s private network to your ISP, like Comcast or Verizon. That […]

  • AWS Storage Services

    AWS Storage Services

    S3 Storage Elastic Block Store AWS Snowball Storage Gateway S3 Storage Many people have files, folders and videos backed up to the cloud everywhere, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, you name it. Most of the time, it’s because you’ve run out of storage in one service, so you try another, but this makes it so difficult […]

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Compute

    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Compute

    The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam is the only foundational-level certification exam from Amazon Web Services and requires no hands-on experiences or pre-requisite certifications. It validates the prospect’s overall basic understanding of the AWS Cloud. It shows your employers that you understand what AWS does and how it works to provide cloud computing services to […]

  • AWS Security Services

    AWS Security Services

    IAM Identity And Access Management Web Application Firewall AWS Shield AWS Inspector AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Guard Duty IAM Identity And Access Management When utilizing the cloud to house any part of your technical infrastructure, you must first consider the security impacts of moving your resources onto the cloud. Unlike the on-premises data center protected […]

  • Security In The AWS Cloud

    Security In The AWS Cloud

    Shared responsibility model Well-architected framework Principle of least privilege AWS Cloud Compliance On-Premise Vs. The Cloud Like many people, when you think about security for your data and your IT infrastructure, you probably think of the server room in your office, locked with a card key that only the IT department has. Or maybe your […]

  • Big Companies Using AWS

    Big Companies Using AWS

    Add item to cart, checkout, and confirm payment. Your order is in the mail. Many of us have experienced this process, that happiness you get from online retail shopping, and no other company is better at streamlining it than the e-commerce giant Amazon. The company had a market cap of $1 trillion in 2018, becoming only the second company in the United […]