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  • Azure Identity Services

    Azure Identity Services

    Azure Identity Services is a key component of the Azure Cloud. The services that are a part of Azure Identity Services are what control authentication to, and authorization to use various resources. Azure Active Directory is a component of Azure Identity Services. In fact, it is the flagship identity service in Azure and provides users […]

  • Azure Security Features

    Azure Security Features

    Cloud-based services and their adoption into modern business workflows have created a need to manage security risks. It only takes a small misconfiguration to cause a data breach leading to a bad situation for the company. Microsoft has taken security seriously with the Azure platform and there are many services that both protect your data […]

  • Azure Management Tools

    Azure Management Tools

    There is a myriad of ways to manage and control resources in the Azure cloud. The most common way to do this is by simply visiting the Azure Portal which can be found at https://portal.azure.com. In addition to the graphical user interface offered at the Azure Portal, we have the ability to manage and interact […]

  • Azure DevOps Services

    Azure DevOps Services

    Azure DevOps Services is an umbrella term for a collection of modern application development services. These services are designed to help plan smarter, collaborate faster, and ship applications with confidence. With Azure DevOps, software developers and DevOps Experts can set up Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines, collaborate via GIT source control tracking, and find […]

  • Azure Serverless Computing

    Azure Serverless Computing

    What is Serverless? Serverless is a term in cloud computing that describes when the underlying servers, infrastructure, and operating systems, are taken care of by a cloud service provider. The client only needs to worry about writing code for an application. Serverless in Azure is very robust and offers the same highly available, scalable, and […]

  • Azure Network Services

    Azure Network Services

    There are many types of network services available in Microsoft Azure Cloud. Some of the categories of networking include connectivity services, application protection services, application delivery services, as well as network monitoring. By using a combination of these services a business can network On-Prem resources with those in the Azure cloud, protect applications with advanced […]

  • Azure Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

    Azure Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

    Azure has artificial intelligence and machine learning services available for anyone to use. When we’re talking about artificial intelligence, it is referring to when machines perform jobs that mimic human behavior. This is not necessarily super complex AI, it may be just simple logic that is relying on machine learning to do jobs more efficiently. […]