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  • C# Relationships Between Classes

    C# Relationships Between Classes

    In the last several tutorials we have gone through the process of identifying several classes that would facilitate a basic CRM application. During the identification phase, we determine business entities, create properties, and scope out methods. Next, we separate responsibilities with the goals of reducing coupling and making the code simpler. Now we reach the […]

  • C# Classes For A CRM Application

    C# Classes For A CRM Application

    So far we have been looking at the specifics of how to create a class in C#, then add properties and methods to it. Now we want to add additional classes to the application. This is a customer relationship management type application so we’ll need things like an Order class, a Product class, an OrderItem […]

  • How To Add Methods To A Class In C#

    How To Add Methods To A Class In C#

    In this tutorial we’ll move forward with the Customer class we created in the last episode. Now we want to keep learning object-oriented fundamentals in C#, and to do that we are going to start looking at Methods. Our Customer class is going to need some methods such as Validate(), Retrieve(), and Save() to make […]

  • Creating C# Class Properties And Tests

    Creating C# Class Properties And Tests

    In this tutorial, we are going to start the beginnings of a fictional CRM type application. A customer relationship management system simply keeps track of customers and their related data. We’ll use Visual Studio to build out a new Customer class, then define the properties that we need for a customer. These will include things […]

  • C# Control Statements

    C# Control Statements

    Software needs a way to make decisions as it makes progress through the execution of code. This is where control flow comes into play. The program control flow is provided to us by use of control statements. These are the special keywords in the C# language that allow the programmer to set up things like […]

  • C# Methods And Properties

    C# Methods And Properties

    Methods in C# and also in other programming languages are used to define behavior. They are used to write some focused logic used to complete a specific task and can be invoked, or called, to execute the code written inside of them. Methods inside classes have access modifiers, with the default being private. This means […]

  • Reference Types And Value Types In C#

    Reference Types And Value Types In C#

    This tutorial will cover the different types available in the C# Programming language. In C#, every type belongs to one of two categories. These are Reference Types and Value Types. Reference Types and Value Types behave quite differently in a program so it’s important to understand how these different types work. The best way to […]