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  • How Did DIV Become The Most Used Tag In HTML

    How Did DIV Become The Most Used Tag In HTML

    HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the standard markup language used to create web pages. It is a system of tags and attributes that are used to structure and format the content of a website. The most basic building blocks of an HTML document are elements, which are represented by tags. These tags are used […]

  • What Is Semantic HTML

    What Is Semantic HTML

    Web developers may use a combination of non-semantic HTML and Semantic HTML when building websites. The word semantic means “relating to meaning,” so semantic HTML tags give us information about the content between the opening and closing tags. By putting Semantic HTML to use, we can use HTML elements based on their meaning, not on […]

  • What Are HTML Tables

    What Are HTML Tables

    Tables in HTML are a great tool for displaying information that is tabular in nature. This includes things like sports scores, invoice data, stock prices, and so on. Many websites on the Internet continue to use HTML tables because they are very efficient at organizing data in a visually pleasing way. While tabular data can […]

  • How To Structure An HTML Page

    How To Structure An HTML Page

    Structuring an HTML page is an exercise in using the basic HTML tags available to you in order to provide structure and insert content in HTML markup. Some HTML tags have a specific purpose like image tags, but most of the HTML tags are used to structure the page and describe the content that they […]

  • How To Write HTML Code

    How To Write HTML Code

    The first step to building a website is learning HTML. HTML is essential because it is the skeleton of all web pages. HTML provides structure to the content on a website, including text, images, buttons, videos, and links. HTML is a great place to start your learning journey when first learning to code. It is […]

  • Html Tutorials For Beginners

    Html Tutorials For Beginners

    In this roundup of Html Tutorials For Beginners we have a nice collection of some really fantastic links and resources to get you up to speed with HTML. There are so many specifics to working with HTML, that it helps to have a nice list such as this one that you can refer back to […]

  • Process HTML Forms With PHP

    Process HTML Forms With PHP

    Working with Forms when building websites seems so easy. There are in fact many details to be aware of. In the HTML Tutorial Series, we had a good look at an HTML Form Tutorial, but we didn’t get a chance to investigate how we would actually process the data we collect from the form. Now […]