JavaScript Functions Tutorial

javascript functions tutorial

JavaScript Functions are arguably the most important part of the language. As you begin to study them more deeply, you realize there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. This JavaScript series is really about covering the JavaScript Fundamentals, in order to build a solid understanding of JavaScript before we move into awesome JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and Node.js. If you are a student of Douglas Crockford, you’ll know it is in his opinion that JavaScript will be the language to rule them all, from Browser to Server, and back again.…

JavaScript Events Tutorial

javascript events

We’re getting a good foundation on what JavaScript is all about so far with our study of the basic syntax, types, objects, and the Document Object Model. Where things start to get more interesting is when we begin to work with events. JavaScript is perfectly suited for dealing with an event driven style of programming. Learning How to Use jQuery Event Handling is also a great approach to dealing with JavaScript events – but it is important to know the underlying technology.…

Document Object Model Tutorial

document object model tutorial

In the most recent episodes, we’ve been covering a lot of fundamentals of the JavaScript language. It’s time to shift gears just a little bit, and start looking at the DOM or Document Object Model. Our JavaScript code is attached to a webpage, and it is the webpage that comes first, not the script. Think of our webpage as the foundation for the house we will build upon, or the canvas we will paint upon.…

JavaScript Types and Objects Tutorial

JavaScript Types and Objects Tutorial

Getting familiar with the various types and objects in JavaScript is going to be very important before we jump into other more advanced features of the language. Soon we’ll be looking at the DOM or Document Object Model, functions in JavaScript, testing and debugging, and much more. Before we get to that point however, we need to have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of the language.…

JavaScript Operators and Expressions

Javascript operators

Moving on in our journey of the JavaScript language, we can now take a look at some additional building blocks of our JavaScript code, and that would be in the form of JavaScript Operators and Expressions. Much like peanut butter and jelly, or Celebrities and The Paparazzi, operators and expressions go together. So let’s go ahead and jump right into JavaScript Operators and Expressions.

JavaScript Expressions

One of the main things we do with programs is to evaluate a condition and take action based on that condition.…