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  • Building A Vue Front End For A Laravel API

    Building A Vue Front End For A Laravel API

    The previous article had us building a JSON Rest API using the Laravel Framework. In this tutorial, we’ll use Vuejs to build a front end which can consume the API we have in place. Instead of rendering blade files, we can use Vue components and AJAX to simply fetch the data we need to display […]

  • Laravel API Resource Tutorial

    Laravel API Resource Tutorial

    In this tutorial we’ll build a full json crud api using Laravel and the new Eloquent API Resources feature. This approach is used when you want to build the entire back end of your application using Laravel, while leaving the front end to Vue, React, or Angular. By using Laravel and Eloquent API Resources, you […]

  • 25 Popular Applications Built With Laravel

    25 Popular Applications Built With Laravel

    In this article we present some popular open source projects that use Laravel. These include everything from personal music streaming servers to rapid API generator tools. In addition, we’ll see a nice collection of content management systems, forums, and even social bookmarking style applications in this roundup. Below you will find a short description and […]

  • VueJS Image Upload

    VueJS Image Upload

    In this tutorial we’ll create a VueJS image upload component so that users can upload an image to use as an avatar in the application. The goal is to re-create the mechanism of an image upload via an HTML form, however, it will all be done in a Vue component. This will allow for real-time […]

  • jQuery Autocomplete As You Type

    jQuery Autocomplete As You Type

    This tutorial will add the feature of autocomplete as you type. In the form where a user can enter a reply to a thread, we want the application to automatically start fetching usernames to choose from when you type a string that begins with the @ symbol. There is a jQuery plugin built for this […]

  • Mentions And Notifications

    Mentions And Notifications

    Community based websites often times allow you to mention another user by screen name. For example, if you post a message to Twitter and include a user’s name including the @ symbol, then the user will get a notification that you mentioned them. This tutorial will recreate that type of feature in the forum based […]

  • How To Highlight New Content For Returning Visitors

    How To Highlight New Content For Returning Visitors

    The goal of this lesson will be to set up a mechanism where by we can highlight new content to returning visitors of the website. So for example, consider a user visits the site and reads all of the threads on the front page and then leaves for the day. Later, a different visitor visits […]