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  • Command Line Basics

    Command Line Basics

    The Linux command line is a text interface to your computer. Often referred to as the shell, terminal, console, prompt, or various other names, it can appear complex and confusing to use. Many users love claiming that the Linux command line is faster than a GUI. Command-line programs start faster than graphical ones because there’s […]

  • Linux For Beginners

    Linux For Beginners

    Intro to Linux Linux Is Open-Source The Linux Kernel The Linux Shell What Is A Linux Distribution Ubuntu Linux Main Functions of a Computer The Operating System Ubuntu Linux vs. Other OS Pre-Installed Ubuntu Apps How To Install Apps To Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux Server Applications Linux Documentation Resources Linux Compression Utilities How To Archive With […]

  • How Do Linux Permissions Work?

    How Do Linux Permissions Work?

    You might remember when you first started working with Linux Permissions, thinking what are all these cryptic symbols next to files and folders in the terminal. Maybe you feel this way now if you’re just starting out with Linux. Let’s face it, when we see something like drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Feb 18 18:23 […]

  • Linux Keyboard Tricks

    Linux Keyboard Tricks

    It’s helpful to learn a few Linux Keyboard Tricks. You may have noticed that when working with Linux at the command line, everything seems like a shortcut. In other words, instead of having descriptive commands such as list files, or change directory, we have things like ls and cd. What’s up with that? You might […]

  • Command Types In Linux

    Command Types In Linux

    There are a few different Command Types In Linux. In fact, there are four command types in Linux. So just what are these commands? First up, there are executable programs or compiled binaries. For example if you run ls /usr/bin, you will be greeted with a large collection of programs. These are most often C […]

  • Vi Editor Tutorial For Beginners

    Vi Editor Tutorial For Beginners

    Welcome to this Vi Editor Tutorial for beginners. Vi is a robust and powerful way to work with files on Linux. Now, we say wonderful with a hint of sarcasm as some people do in fact love vi, while others despise it. It might be due to the nature of vi in that it is […]

  • Creating Monitoring and Killing Processes in Linux

    Creating Monitoring and Killing Processes in Linux

    Creating, Monitoring, and Killing Processes in Linux are a key part of working with the operating system. In Linux there are several concepts regarding processes to be aware of. In this episode we’ll take a look at some of the more important ones. First up, we’ll look at background and foreground processes, and how they […]