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  • Linux Redirection and Piping

    Linux Redirection and Piping

    Linux Redirection is a very interesting topic. When we talk about redirection, we are referring to I/O or input/output redirection. It is possible to redirect the input and output of various commands to and from files, or to other commands in a process known as piping. By learning all of the standard and common commands […]

  • Linux Files And Directories Commands

    Linux Files And Directories Commands

    The Linux files introduction episodes so far have been excellent for a gentle primer on how to get up and running with Linux using Ubuntu. Now we can get to some even more interesting challenges. In fact, that is how this Linux Series is designed to work. We start with the absolute basics, and move […]

  • Linux Files and Directories

    Linux Files and Directories

    Let’s take a closer look at Linux Files and Directories. Our Linux system has a whole boatload of files. In our case we’re working with homestead which is a custom built Ubuntu Linux server running as a Virtual Machine on VirtualBox. To check how many files and directories a particular directory is comprised of, we […]

  • Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Explained

    Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Explained

    The Linux Filesystem Hierarchy is a key concept you will need to understand. When working on the command line in Linux, you need to have a way to get around so to speak. When all you have is a cursor just blinking at you, it can give the feeling of “ok, what now”? Well, there […]

  • How To Use The Linux Terminal

    How To Use The Linux Terminal

    Beginners and Pros alike will want to know How To Use The Linux Terminal in the most efficient way possible. At this point we have a Linux distribution to work with, so let’s start learning at the very beginnings. The beginning is learning about the command line, or shell as it’s also known by. The […]

  • How To Get Started With Linux

    How To Get Started With Linux

    If you haven’t already, it’s time to Get Started With Linux. As web developers, we work with Linux all the time, even if we don’t know it. Linux powers almost all of the web servers out there on the internet. LAMP is the acronym that stands for Linux Apache MySQL PHP. Microsoft also has the […]

  • Introduction To VirtualBox and Vagrant

    Introduction To VirtualBox and Vagrant

    Let’s get started with VirtualBox and Vagrant for creating development environments. This is a fair warning: Should you choose to venture down this path, you are most definitely entering the full-blown world known to the hackers as DevOps. DevOps is where dreams go to die. Here at Vegibit, we’ve tended to focus on the fun […]