How To Create A C# Unit Test In Visual Studio

How To Create A C# Unit Test In Visual Studio

Any time you are writing some software, you probably often find yourself reaching a certain point and then building and running the program to see if things work. As more and more code piles up, it becomes very time-consuming to run and inspect the results yourself. In C# and Visual Studio, it is possible to set up automated testing by way of Unit Tests. A unit test is simply when a developer writes some C# code to test other C# code in an automated fashion.…

What Is An Assembly In C#?

C Sharp Assembly

C# is a compiled language. This means that when a developer creates C# source files, those files need to be compiled before they can run. You can not write a C# file, and then run that file or combination of files like you can with say a JavaScript or PHP file. This is where assemblies come into play for a compiled language. Assembly files are the result of the C# compiler reading in human readable C# source files, and then producing a file the application can use.…

C# Classes And Objects

C# Classes And Objects

In this tutorial we’ll talk about classes and objects in the C# Programming Language. What is the point of Classes, and what are they used for? In object-oriented programming, classes were created in an attempt to give programmers the ability to model or approximate the real world in software. There are those that advocate the OOP style, and those that are against it. We will not vouch for one style of programming vs another in this tutorial, but rather examine how to create classes in C# to program in an object-oriented style.…

Introduction To C# And Visual Studio For Beginners

C# Tutorial For Beginners

In this tutorial we’ll start looking at the C# programming language. C# is a popular programming language that can be used to create programs for tablets, phones, web servers, and desktops. The Syntax of C# is similar to Java, C++, and JavaScript and is one of many languages that can be used for .NET programming. If you’re ready to learn about programming in C#, Microsoft makes available a wonderful community edition of their powerful Visual Studio IDE.…

77 Helpful Technet Articles For Advanced Microsoft System Administrators

77 Helpful Technet Articles For Advanced Microsoft System Administrators

In this post, we’ll cover a whopping 77 Helpful Technet Articles For Advanced Microsoft System Administrators! We have neatly arranged articles into categories such as Active Directory, Configuring Network Services, File and Storage Solutions, Configuring High Availability, Identity and Access Solutions, as well as Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Active Directory Articles


3 Concepts of Administering Windows Server 2012

When Administering Windows Server 2012 you will often need to use Powershell commands as well as command line tools to complete important tasks. These commands and tools operate on very verbose IT jargon. This article aims to simplify the terms, commands, and tools required to make administering windows server an easier task.

Administering Windows Server

The Terms

Authoritative Restore
Specifies that the contents of a certain portion of the Active Directory on a domain controller should override any changes on other domain controllers, regardless of their sequence numbers.…

Domain Controllers in Active Directory


Domain controllers are the key piece of active directory network infrastructure since they are responsible to authenticate all users and computers in the domain. DNS or domain name service is a critical piece of supporting the logon and authentication process. Two types of domain controllers are read only, and read write. The read only version contains a copy of the ADDS database that is read only.…