Install and Configure Windows Server 2012 with Windows Powershell

Add Computer

Welcome to Powershell

Windows PowerShell is an amazingly powerful tool to help you with common windows administrative tasks. If you are comfortable with one of the myriad of scripting languages available today, Powershell will be easy for you to learn while also providing the benefits of command line administration. Microsoft is pushing Powershell to the forefront of its management products. You’ll witness this in any new Microsoft product shipping today.…

4 Reasons Microsoft Lync Continues to Grow


Microsoft Lync 2013 is becoming a workhorse in the enterprise as businesses begin to take advantage of the many features it offers to make internal and external communications more efficient and engaging. As Unified Communications gains steam, Microsoft is positioned to capture market share with features such as real time presence and instant messaging, voice calling, exchange integration, and HD video conferencing. The 5 points listed here make a solid case for Lync in the enterprise.…

Add a DNS Server in Windows Server

Install Your First DNS Server

As you install your first DNS server, you should start with a simple fairly simple configuration. DNS can be run within Active Directory or as a stand-alone server, and it makes sense to configure the local network adapter card using a static IP address. Dynamically assigned IP addresses on your DNS server will just complicate troubleshooting and is not worth the trouble.…

Group Scope in Active Directory

Group Scope in Active Directory

Group Scope in Active Directory

Active directory is a large topic yet one theme is consistent throughout the entire system, and that is the concept of Group Scope and Group Types. In the most generic form we have four types of group scope and two types of groups. This would be local, domain local, global, and universal for group scope while the group types consist of security groups and distribution groups.…