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  • MySQL Tutorials For Beginners

    MySQL Tutorials For Beginners

    If you’re a beginner, or even more advanced, this MySQL Tutorials For Beginners will be a good resource for you. In learning web development, you’re going to need to know some amount of SQL or MySQL at some point. The whole point of building dynamic websites is to be able to tie into a database […]

  • What is a MySQL Join?

    What is a MySQL Join?

    Now that we have covered all of the basics in MySQL, we’ll finish things up with a few additional points about MySQL that you are likely to come across. One of these topics is the idea of a join. So what is a join? When we do a join in MySQL, what we are doing […]

  • MySQL Group By Having Limit Offset and More!

    MySQL Group By Having Limit Offset and More!

    We’re moving onward in our MySQL Journey! This episode will take a look at many useful features of the language and how you can use them. As always, we’ll simply be operating on the data that we already have in the friends table we’ve been working with so far. We’ll cover features like group by […]

  • What are MySQL Operators?

    What are MySQL Operators?

    MySQL Operators are your friend in fact. In MySQL, just as in all programming languages, we have these nifty little things called operators. Operators are pretty darn important, as they allow us to perform meaningful operations on our data. Some of the MySQL operators include LIKE, LIKE%…%, NOT LIKE, =, !=, REGEXP, REGEXP^…$, NOT REGEXP, […]

  • Working With Common MySQL String Functions

    Working With Common MySQL String Functions

    MySQL has many built in functions for dealing with strings. Many times, we can perform these operations using whatever programming language we happen to be using with MySQL such as PHP. Other times however, it is really helpful to be able to manipulate strings right in our MySQL statements. In this episode we’ll take a […]

  • MySQL Function Tutorial

    MySQL Function Tutorial

    It’s been a great MySQL tutorial series so far and now we’re going to dig even further into the language. The introduction to MySQL, data types, declarative nature, and using data manipulation language is a great foundation to start practicing some queries that are just slightly more advanced. Don’t worry, we’re taking baby steps here […]

  • Getting Started with Data Manipulation Language in MySQL

    Getting Started with Data Manipulation Language in MySQL

    So far we’ve been hitting what is arguably the more mundane aspects of dealing with Database Administration. This would be the DDL or data definition language portion of working with MySQL. It is by using DDL that we are able to build and modify your databases and tables. Of course this is needed stuff, we […]