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  • Creating Databases and Tables in MySQL

    Creating Databases and Tables in MySQL

    In this MySQL Series, we first have been taking a look at MySQL and SQL in general from a high level view. With the vocabulary, acronyms, and theory now out of the way, we can not focus on putting pen to paper so to speak. This is where the MySQL Rubber hits the road. We’re […]

  • The Declarative Nature of SQL

    The Declarative Nature of SQL

    We’ve been covering a lot of information about database technology, terms, and ideas so far. Soon we will be diving into using data manipulation language to insert, update, and delete data in various databases we’ll create. Before we get to that point, we need to take a look at a key aspect of the Structured […]

  • Data Types in MySQL

    Data Types in MySQL

    Not all data is created equal! We know from working with variables in PHP and JavaScript that variables can hold all kinds of data. MySQL is not different in this sense. The various data types in MySQL will have an impact on how much space on disk the database will use. They will also have […]

  • Introduction to MySQL

    Introduction to MySQL

    MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database and powers all kinds of different applications in the technology industry. Of course the blogging platform WordPress uses MySQL as it’s database technology, but MySQL goes far beyond just basic blog applications. Some of the biggest names in technology today make use of MySQL, including Twitter, […]