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  • Autoloading For Code Organization

    Autoloading For Code Organization

    Autoloading helps us to organize our code in a clean fashion. This makes it easier to understand how all of the pieces fit together. In fact, I would go as far as to say that code organization is half the battle. With the introduction of Composer to the PHP community, we now have a way […]

  • Php Tutorials For Beginners

    Php Tutorials For Beginners

    Let’s jump into some Php Tutorials For Beginners! PHP is the most widely used programming language on servers that power websites for the Internet. It is a scripting language, yet quite powerful with thousands upon thousands of built in functions. PHP is a fantastic alternative to other languages like active server pages, Java, or Ruby. […]

  • Build Your Own PCRE Regex Tester With PHP

    Build Your Own PCRE Regex Tester With PHP

    As promised, in this episode we will build our very own regular expression tester so we can test out various regex patterns. This is a great way to learn regular expressions. As we covered in the prior post on regular expressions, there are many great tools to do this online as well. So what is […]

  • Learning About Regular Expressions

    Learning About Regular Expressions

    Most likely you have come across Regular Expressions at some point during your software development. Regular expressions are one of those things that tend to make people take sides and form strong opinions. Some swear by their use, while others have a deep disdain for them. Either way, they are a necessary evil – we […]

  • Combine PHP Functions To Make Your Own

    Combine PHP Functions To Make Your Own

    One of the great things about PHP is the fact that it has built in functions for anything and everything. A really neat thing to do is to try to stitch these functions together to create interesting new functions. If there are functions in PHP that you really like and want to extend them so […]

  • What Is Goutte?

    What Is Goutte?

    At the time of this writing, Laravel 5 development is in full swing – and there are lots of changes coming down the pike. It would be fun to jump back in to covering Laravel but things seem a little too fluid at the moment. We’ll know by the end of the year where to […]

  • What Is Guzzle PHP?

    What Is Guzzle PHP?

    You may have heard the term Guzzle come up lately in the PHP Community and began to wonder what it is. We were curious as well so we decided to dig into it a bit more. In this post we’ll take a look at what Guzzle is, what it is used for, some of the […]