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  • Python decimal Module

    Python decimal Module

    The Python Decimal Module is a built-in library that provides a Decimal data type for more accurate and precise arithmetic operations, especially when dealing with floating-point numbers. It was designed to overcome the limitations and inaccuracies that arise from the binary floating-point arithmetic used by the standard float data type. In many applications, such as […]

  • Python platform Tutorial

    Python platform Tutorial

    The Python platform module is a built-in library that allows developers to access information about the underlying platform or system on which their code is running. This module offers various functions to retrieve details about the operating system, hardware, and Python version. It is particularly useful when you need to write cross-platform compatible code or […]

  • Python datetime Tutorial

    Python datetime Tutorial

    Python datetime is a module in the Python standard library, specifically designed for working with dates, times, and the combination of both. The module provides various classes, methods, and functions to perform operations like parsing, formatting, arithmetic, and comparison on date and time objects. The datetime module is part of Python’s built-in library, so you […]

  • Python pprint Module

    Python pprint Module

    The Python pprint module, short for “pretty-print,” is a built-in module in Python that provides a more visually appealing way to display complex data structures such as dictionaries, lists, and tuples. The module enhances the readability of the output by applying formatting rules, such as indentation, line breaks, and sorted keys for dictionaries. This makes […]

  • Python csv Tutorial

    Python csv Tutorial

    The Python CSV module is a built-in library that provides functionality to read from and write to CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. CSV files are a widely used data storage format, as they are simple, easy to read, and can be opened in various applications, including spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. CSV […]

  • Python queue Module

    Python queue Module

    The Python Queue module is a powerful built-in library that offers a variety of data structures for implementing queues, which are First In, First Out (FIFO) data structures. Queues are widely used in programming to store and manage elements in a specific order, allowing for efficient processing of tasks or data. The Queue module offers […]

  • Python copy Tutorial

    Python copy Tutorial

    In Python, objects are stored in memory and each object has a unique memory address. When you assign an object to a new variable, you are actually creating a reference to the original object’s memory location rather than creating a new object. This means that if you modify the object through the new variable, it […]