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  • Python random Tutorial

    Python random Tutorial

    The Python random module is a built-in library that provides a suite of functions to generate pseudo-random numbers. These numbers are not truly random, but for most practical purposes, they are unpredictable enough to be considered random. The random module offers a variety of functions that can be utilized for tasks such as selecting random […]

  • Python configparser Module

    Python configparser Module

    The Python ConfigParser module is a built-in library that allows developers to work with configuration files. It provides an easy way to read and write data from and to INI-style configuration files, which consist of sections, keys, and values. INI files are a popular format for storing configuration settings, as they are both human-readable and […]

  • Python re Module

    Python re Module

    The Python re module, short for “regular expressions,” is a powerful and versatile library used for working with text data. It provides an easy and efficient way to search, manipulate, and validate strings using patterns known as regular expressions. Regular expressions are a sequence of characters that define a search pattern, mainly for use in […]

  • Python collections ChainMap

    Python collections ChainMap

    Python Collections ChainMap is a versatile data structure provided by the collections module in Python. It is designed to manage multiple dictionaries as a single unit, allowing you to efficiently and conveniently work with multiple mappings without having to merge them into a single dictionary. ChainMap groups the dictionaries together and performs lookup operations by […]

  • Python shelve Module

    Python shelve Module

    The Python Shelve Module is a built-in module that provides a simple yet powerful solution for persisting Python objects on the file system. It allows you to store, retrieve, and modify objects easily in a dictionary-like format, making it a convenient option for managing data in Python applications. Under the hood, the shelve module uses […]

  • Python collections deque

    Python collections deque

    A deque, short for “double-ended queue,” is a data structure in Python that allows you to efficiently add or remove elements from both ends of the queue. The collections module in Python includes the deque class, which provides an implementation of this data structure with fast O(1) operations for appending and popping elements from either […]

  • Python shutil Module

    Python shutil Module

    The Python shutil module, short for “shell utility,” is a built-in library that provides a range of high-level file and directory management operations. These operations enable users to efficiently perform tasks such as copying, moving, renaming, and deleting files and directories. By leveraging shutil, developers can easily automate and streamline their file system management tasks […]