The Top 10 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Get More Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Getting traffic to your website or blog is a major goal of any webmaster or blogger. By encouraging visitors on your website, you will greatly expand visibility and potential leads. Since we know content is king, having quality writing is going to be key. In addition to this though, there are ways to maximize your reach and make an impact in getting the visitors needed to make your website or blog thrive.

1. Google

Let’s talk about the big one first. Google is currently the most powerful force to grow traffic to your blog or website. Other search engines are beginning to have some impact, and even though Bing is Getting Better, in the scheme of things the traffic Bing refers is minimal. As an example, for every 50 referrals this blog gets from Google, 1 is sent from Bing. That should raise some eyebrows. You are not going to get that Google Traffic without good search engine rankings though, so play by the rules and create great content, and this first source will be your best source as well.

2. Comment on Similar Blogs

Use Google to search for blogs similar to your own. If you find them in Google, then they are ranking well, right? Pretty simple stuff. Once you find these similar blogs, join in on their conversations via the comments system available. If you are going to do this, make sure you read the post fully and create a comment that is going to add value, don’t comment just to comment. If you have something insightful to say that adds to the topic, the webmaster won’t mind if you include your URL or website address in the comment.

3. Give something away

Nothing brings a crowd like free stuff, both online and offline. Recently a McDonalds went in down the street and even with their Global Brand name, I noticed they were running a special. First 10 people to buy a Big Mac on Thursday get Free Big Macs once a week for life. You think the line of cars was out the parking lot that Thursday morning? It sure was. You can do the same thing with your website or blog. Get the word out that you’ll be giving away a free e-book, or something else that will have value for them. In return, request their email address, this way you can begin to build your list. Just like in show business, you can give them a taste but leave them wanting more. If you help people, they will tell their circle of friends and come back as a repeat visitor.

4. Make Use of Infographics

Infographics have grown in popularity in a major way. Don’t ask me why people get so excited over simple step by step pictures that explain a concept, but boy do they ever. Use your knowledge about a particular subject and create an awesome infographic using a tool like – you’ll be surprised how well it works.

5. Utilize Email!

We live in a day and age when there are ten ways till Sunday to communicate with whoever we want, whenever we want. Want to know something though? People still love the simplicity and directness of good old fashioned email. You probably check your email many times a day, and maybe you check several accounts several times a day. Chances are, so do your readers. So you know what to do, email your contact lists about your latest great content – you’ll be sure to get some visitors.

6. YouTube

There are a lot of You tubers out there that are doing very well in terms of traffic generation. So how can this help you? Well by setting up your very own YouTube channel and transposing some of your popular blog posts into a video presentation, you can gain an entirely new audience that just happens to respond better to audio and visual then to reading text off of the page. We all learn and respond to information in different ways, and YouTube will help you reach those visitors you otherwise may not have been able to.

7. Get Help From Others!

Getting your website or blog off the ground can sometimes feel like a Herculean task. That is why you should know that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Sure, some very popular blogs are a one woman or one man show. Mostly however the really big players like Gawker, Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, The Verge, and others have an army of writers creating content at breakneck speed. Ask your friends and family to write about things for you or if you’re willing to spend a small amount of money you can hire freelance writers from websites like or even Use your imagination to gather the very best content you can.

8. Advertise

I’ll be honest I like to get my traffic the old fashion way, Free. If you have the means however, there are some fantastic advertising opportunities that can generate tons of traffic to your website or blog. Really the best options you want to look at are of course Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, sponsored views on Stumbleupon, paid promotion on Twitter, or even sponsored messages on LinkedIn. You really don’t want to spend a ton of money though, unless you feel that this traffic will convert to a sale to help offset the cost of the advertising. Start small and see what works for you.

9. Social Media Marketing

It’s a social media world out there. Of course we covered the top social media sites out there on the Internet but we didn’t mention that the sites can be a great source of traffic. Hopefully you have begun to build a bit of a network on each of these sites. If you have, choose the site where your network seems to be the biggest, and share your latest website feature or blog post to your followers. My favorites are Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Social Media Marketing could easily fill an entire book about the ways to be successful with it. It is a super broad topic with many opinions about what works and what doesn’t. You definitely want to get involved, but don’t make it your only focus.

8. Read Other Great Blogs

We all need to get motivated and inspired. Where do you get your motivation? Where do you get your inspiration? The answer for most people is by their life experiences. In addition to this it is a good idea to read either great blogs. By reading other great blogs, you can gain valuable ideas and process that will help your own blog. Oftentimes we may read a blog post, and then write a counterpoint to it, or a blog post in agreement and support of it. Either way it builds a dialogue, and helps you in the process of creating great content and ideas.

9. Create an Awesome Title!

You’ve heard it so many times, the title is the most important part of your blog post. In a lot of ways this may be true but I wouldn’t get too crazy about the concept. Why? Because creating content is about more than just writing some controversial title in order to get somebody to click on your link. So yes, create some fun titles but the key things to remember are, include your keywords in the title, name the title something somebody might search for, and yes, include a style that might raise a few eyebrows. For when the eyebrows raise, the mouse gets clicked.

10. Teach Others Your Talents

A really awesome thing about blogging is sharing your talents. Everybody is good at something. What are you good at? Create a tutorial that teaches your readers how to be good at the thing for which you are good at. Visitors love to gain new skills and learn about valuable techniques. Just look at the success of a website like where people will complete tasks for a small amount of money for others that may not have the skills to do otherwise. Now flip that idea on its head. Instead of giving someone a fish for a small fee, teach them to fish at your website for free and watch the visitors keep rolling in.

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