Top 19 Most Influential Web Designers on Twitter

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Twitter can be an exceptional educational tool for web designers searching for the latest technology or techniques. It can provide a wealth of information for beginner to advanced web designers. There are thousands of web designers on Twitter. Their tweets may range from personal activities to current design projects in which they’re involved. The most influential of these, however, are those that regularly tweet information that other web designers find useful. This may include tips on web design, blogs about web design, new technologies, or links to other resources. Many of them are authors or trainers who can become a great mentor for their followers. These highly influential web designers will typically have a large number of followers for that reason. Let’s check out 19 of the most influential web designers on Twitter!

Tweets on Web Design Applications

Web design incorporates many technologies such as HTML, PHP, Javascript, and CSS. The following Twitter members tweet advice and techniques that may help web designers improve their skills and further their careers.

Jefferey Zeldman is referred to as the father of web design by numerous individuals in the field. He supported new methodologies responsible for improving manageability and enhancing design. His book, Designing with Web Standards, was originally released in 2001, and is now in its 3rd edition. Twitter: @zeldman

Brad Frost is best known for his techniques in responsive web design and many of his tweets include advice and resources on the topic. Twitter: @brad_frost

Glenn Block has worked a great deal with Web API, Azure and MEF. He incorporated C# into node.js to produce code in C# without compiling. His tweets are on similar helpful tactics. Twitter: @gblock

Kelley Sommers tweets valuable advice on web design such as how to manipulate code. Twitter: @kellabyte

Scott Hanselman’s Twitter stream is filled with information on the technical aspects of web design and programming. His tweets are plainly stated and easily followed. He also hosts three podcasts. Twitter: @shanselman

Chris Coyier is a CSS designer. He is known for the development of CodePen, a method of web design built in the browser. His tweets include a great deal of advice on CSS. Twitter: @chriscoyier

Jacob Gube is a web designer who tweets excellent links to design tutorials as well as freebies. Twitter: @sixrevisions

Graphic Design Tweets

Graphics are an important aspect in web design. They present a more visually appealing site for the visitor. Web designers searching for tips on graphic design may find helpful tips by following some of these more influential web designers.

Jacob Cass is a web designer that specializes in print and logo design. Followers can expect creative design tips from his tweets. Twitter: @justcreative

Brian Hoff is the founder of Brian Hoff Design. The company creates tools and other applications used by web designers. His twitter stream lists numerous high quality design resources. Twitter: @behoff

Fabio Sasso, currently employed with Google, has a tremendous amount of web design experience with a number of major companies including Wired UK, MSNBC, and Digital Arts Magazine. His tutorials are highly valued, and he tweets links to valuable design resources. Twitter: @abduzeedo

Veerle Pieters is a graphic artist. She frequently tweets descriptions of her design processes as well as links to very valuable design resources. She is very active on Twitter and maintains good communication with her followers. Twitter: @vpieters

Tweeting about New Web Design Technology

New technologies are developed very rapidly. Web designers can expand their capabilities and maintain competitiveness by keeping informed of the latest technologies. The following web designers tweet about the latest developments.

Christian Heilmann is a principal developer for the Mozilla Developer Network. His tweets are frequently related to new or upcoming developments on the web. Twitter: @codepo8

Dan Wahlin is the founder of The Wahlin Group, a company that provides training and consultation on web technologies. He is also the author of Pluralsight. Many of his tweets focus on Angular.js, and jQuery. Twitter: @DanWahlin

Paul Irish has taken a role in the development of numerous web technologies including Modernizr, Yeoman, and HTML5 Boilerplate. His tweets concern not only the newest technologies but the one’s he’s presently developing. Twitter: @paul_irish

JavaScript Tweets

JavaScript is so flexible that it has become incorporated into everything from web browsers to mobile devices. Those who are working with JavaScript may benefit from the tweets of the following web designers.

Elijah Manor is an expert in JavaScript, and presents information in an entertaining manner. He authored the series, “The Angry Birds of JavaScript”. Twitter: @elijahmanor

John Papa has contributed to Silverlight and Pluralsight. He has also recently developed a course on JavaScript. Twitter: @John_Papa

Rob Eisenberg is the owner of Blue Spire, a consulting company. He focuses on simplifying complicated tasks. He is the creator of Durandal, a framework intended to make it easier to work with JavaScript. Twitter: @EisenbergEffect

John Resig is the creator of the JQuery JavaScript library. He is also the Dean of Khan Academy’s Computer Science department. Twitter: @jeresig

Tweeting Security for Web Designers

Website security is an important part of web design. Cyber criminals are often as talented as web designers. To learn tactics for incorporating security into web design, one may benefit from the tweets of the following Twitter member.

Troy Hunt goes beyond the basics of standard website security. He tweets about the aspects of web design that make them vulnerable to attack, and discusses techniques for correcting the flaws. Twitter: @troyhunt

Web designers will find innumerable resources on Twitter. There are many talented and knowledgeable individuals to be found on this social network that are ready to share their tips and tricks. Whether searching for design tools or tips on CSS, web designers will find tweets of interest. It is a superb venue for networking with those who are enthusiastic about sharing information. Thank you for reading Top 19 Most Influential Web Designers on Twitter – If you found this post helpful, Please do share using the buttons below!