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vegicasso twitter bootstrap themeThe Spanish Painter, Sculptor, Poet, and Playwright Pablo Picasso is one of the best known artists in the history of Art. Picasso’s talents were wide ranging as evidenced by his collection of talents and artistic fields which he excelled in. Picasso became the most well known person in art with his eye for artistic creation and distinct style before his 50th birthday. He was the Art Movement’s first real ‘Rock Star’ having a large following and making an impact on fans and critics far and wide. Pablo lived a long life, bestowing his art on the world across a full seven decades. Les Demoiselles D’Avignos is a demonstration of his unique approach in that it takes five women with distorted forms which make the viewer question the work, and think beyond what meets the eye. Naturally, it was met with great criticism, however today, it is regarded as his most iconic piece. The VegiCasso Twitter Bootstrap Theme is a modern take on the colors of Pablo Picasso.

vegiflat twitter bootstrap theme

Pancakes are so much fun, especially when you are going out to breakfast with friends! In case you didn’t notice, pancakes have the coolest flatness about them. In this theme, we’re bringing the flatness as well.

vegitalian twitter bootstrap theme

VegiTalian makes use of comfort colors, perhaps having the likeness of your favorite pizza pie. The colors of Italy shine through with rich brick reds, olive oil teals, and succulent yellows to warm your senses. This mix makes for a sexy combination with not only that brick oven flair, but also a fresh medley of something you might find in a beautiful pasta primavera brimming with colorful vegetables.

vegistone twitter bootstrap theme

This free twitter bootstrap theme comes in beautiful earth like stone colors for you to enjoy, and its name is VegiStone. It makes nice use of an array of pleasing colors in the brown and blue spaces, while enjoying all of the classic Bootstrap accents.

vegisweet twitter bootstrap theme <p”>VegiSweet is a great combination of colors, with a hint of sophistication, maybe working well with a caffe inspired design. You may also get hints of cherry pie or the wonderful season of Fall with the rich red, brown, and offwhite colors. The overall color palette and scheme work extremely well with the presentation and spatial outline of the Bootstrap Framework as well.</p”>

vegiretro twitter bootstrap theme

VegiRetro is bringing that old school flair to your next twitter bootstrap project with bold oranges and navy blues. Retro and vintage is not old and outdated, but rather hip and cool as a contrast to modern themes. The retro style can spark nostalgia, feelings, and memories of the user, while also pleasing a broader array of visitors to your website or application without anyone even realizing the effect of the vintage design. Vintage and Retro styles are alive and well right into this modern day and as such, VegiRetro grabbed the bull by the Orange and exploded these awesome colors to life inside the Twitter Bootstrap Framework.


The true meaning of the word Ubuntu is ‘humanity to others’. It is a spirit of sharing and unified well being that forms the philosophy of Ubuntu, which is an ancient African Word. You may also know Ubuntu as one of the most popular Linux distributions in the world. The Ubuntu Operating System is the result of Mark Shuttleworth’s effort to bring Linux into the realm of desktop computing, not only limiting its usefulness to the server. Ubuntu also has a slick graphical interface for which this Twitter Bootstrap Theme is inspired by. If you’re an Ubuntu lover, you’re going to love VegiBuntu!

vegicalm twitter bootstrap theme

We live in fast paced world. In fact, that is probably the understatement of the decade right there. We live in a world that is like a Top Fuel Dragster, maxed out on Performace Enhancing Drugs, throttling down the dragstrip at close to 400 miles per hour. Sound familiar to your life? With so much happening so fast around us, we need to take time to chill out and decompress. Surrounding yourself with soothing colors can help reduce some of the stress that we are all subject to. This is often the case with the art of Feng Shui, where colors are put to use to enhance positive energy and calmness. Dusty shades of color along with cool blues are great for this type of effect. This Twitter Bootstrap Theme is inspired by this artform of using color to bring about peace and a calming response. De-stress your next design using VegiCalm.

vegication twitter bootstrap theme

VegiCation is a new theme with a soft sexy feel just in time for a wonderful summer vacation. Soon, friends and families across the nation will be heading to the beach, and what better way for them to be viewing your website on their iPad mini with retina display, with the cool and calming colors of the VegiCation Free Twitter Bootstrap Theme! The blues in this theme will not bring about songs by BB King, but rather a loveable sense of spending time near the ocean enjoying the wind, water, fish, and the cloud dotted sky.


Artificial Energy Drinks are all the rage in these modern times, and these large corporations are making billions selling their concoctions of artificial colors and ingredients to the unsuspecting masses. The best course of action is probably to not go anywhere near these things with a ten foot pole. The real power of these brightly colored artificial energy drinks is in thier marketing and advertising department (read: the liars in the company). You see, those are the folks that know how to package something up and make it look incredibly cool and attractive, using bright colors and promises of energy and focus. This is something they do a great job at! While I enjoy the awesome colors of high energy drinks, and they are the inspiration for this Twitter Bootstrap Theme, I do not advise to make these artificial sugar bombs a regular part of your lifestyle. Get your fill with VegiFicial instead, it’s much safer, and good for your design!


Equilibrium is a beautiful word giving the sense that all is right. When we refer to something as having equilibrium, we can think of that thing has having balance and stability. Attaining Equilibrium can sometimes be an exercise in nailing jelly to the wall, it is not always easy to attain. When we do find that harmonious balance of powers, influences, and opposing forces in equilibrium, it is a nirvana of sorts. This Twitter Bootstrap Theme is inspired by the quest for that elusive equilibrium. Feel free to use it in your projects if you like it, or use it as a base to extend in your own journey to the promised land of Equilibrium.

vegilime twitter bootstrap theme

Limes are really cool and serve a range of purposes. Come five o clock, you may place a lime in your favorite beverage, or maybe add it to your latest masterpiece from the grill. Let’s look at some fun facts about limes. Citrus juices are typically high in sugar, however lime juice has high acid and low sugar. Limes are so acidic in fact, that concentrated lime juice can dissolve cement! If you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to put the lime aside. Limes have that familiar green color, however when fully ripened, it actually is more of a yellow color. In order to grow limes, they must be located between 30 degress north and south where there is no winter frost at all. You may also associate Lime with soft drinks. That is a good association, as in 1767 it was Doctor Macbride that mixed bicarbonate of soda with fresh lime juice, thus producing the worlds first fizzy drink. Imagine, with the billions of dollars in sales of soft drinks world wide today, where it all started. Get your Lime on with this Twitter Bootstrap Theme.

vegimelon twitter bootstrap theme

Watermelons are an amazing fruit indeed! I’m sure you can still remember when you were a kid and looked forward to biting into a nice juicy watermelon will all of its naturally sugar sweetened glory. There is nothing quite as refreshing as a lovely piece of Watermelon. Of course in this Twitter Bootstrap Theme, Watermelons have been the inspiration! We have all of the beautiful refreshing colors present in this eye grabbing theme. Did you know the first watermelon harvest was in Egypt some 5000 years ago? How about that Watermelons are almost made up entirely of water, 92% to be exact! In addition, the official name of a watermelon is Citrullus Lanatus and is related to things like the squash, pumpkin, and cucumber. Lastly, the largest known watermelon every to be grown according to the Guinness Book of World Records was a 268.8 pound whopper of a melon grown by Lloyd Bright in Arkansas!


We all know that we need to eat our fruits and vegetables, but did you know you can get an idea of the nutritional value and vitamin content of a vegetable by looking at it’s color? Fruits and Vegetables have a large range of bright colors, and this visual cue is an indication that they are loaded with vitamins! The beautiful colors you see come from the pigments within them. Flavonoids provide blue, cream, and red coloring. Chlorophyll is what gives the luscuious green color. Carotenoids are the beautiful yellow and orange you see in carrots and oranges. These colors also make for a great combination in a Twitter Bootstrap Theme, so that is the inspiration for VegiMin! Pay attention to the colors in your fruits and vegetables for many nutritional benefits, and use VegiMin in your next Garden Based Web Project. 🙂

vegimoon twitter bootstrap theme

The Earth only has one natural satellite, and that would be the moon, which came into existence some 4.6 billion years ago. The same side of the moon is always facing the earth, you have never seen the other side of it! This is because the moon is in synchronous rotation with Earth. The rise and fall of the tides in our oceans is a result of the gravitational pull the moon produces on the earth. There are many mystical qualities about our lunar friend, one of which is that there is a dark side of the moon. In truth, there is no dark side of the moon, as both sides of the moon get the same amount of sunshine. This is because of the synchronous rotation mentioned earlier. The side facing away from earth has only been seen by spacecraft. This Twitter Bootstrap Theme celebrates the beauty of the moon and the mystical tales related to it.


Have you ever wondered where the name of Winnie the Pooh came from? Winnie the Pooh was coined by a man named Christopher Robin and is the result of putting together the names of a pet swan and a bear. Back in the 1920′s a bear named Winnie lived in the London Zoo. Winnie was a mascot for the Winnipeg regiment within the Canadian armed forces. The pet swan whose name was Pooh, is from the childrens book, When We Were Young. This Twitter Bootstrap Theme is inspired by the heartwarming Orange, Yellow, and Red colors of the modern day Disney Character. Not only is Winnie the Pooh the inspiration for this theme, he also has a street in both Warsaw and Budapest named after him!

vegisail twitter bootstrap theme

Sailing goes back in time all the way back to the prehistoric era. It is the movement of boats by the force of wind against sails which defines the art of sailing. Sailing is associated with beautiful ships and highly decorated themes. In times past, the nations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece were known for their beautiful and massive sailing ships. Moving through time, Sailing entered the category of sport in Holland. As you know we often refer to large sailing boats as yachts. This term is derived from the word yaghtschip, as the Dutch people used to refer to them as. In modern times, we have seen the sport of sailing evolve, both for the weekend warrior all the way up to the amazing yachts of The Americas Cup. The beautiful colors of sailing are the inspiration for this Twitter Bootstrap Theme. If you are a naval enthusiast, this is the theme for you!

vegisea twitter bootstrap theme

Its really great to be able to spend time near the ocean. You likely know the feeling if you are lucky enough to get the chance to be near the sea for vacation or during every day life. It turns out the ocean has a profound effect on the human brain. Surfers are often in the sport because of both a conscious and unconscious pull towards the sea. Some report being recharged by going into the ocean. The appeal of the sea is well known and far reaching all over the globe. It is what inspires this episodes Twitter Bootstrap Theme. Enjoy the blue and aqua tones and smell the sweet salt air of VegiSea.

vegitapenade twitter bootstrap theme

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best things you can do for your body food wise. Of course the Mediterranean diet makes a large use of olives and olive oil, which have amazing health benefits. Olives and olive oil can help protect your heart, combat ulcers, reduce pain, reduce inflammation, as well as boosting iron intake. Nobody knows how to wolf down the olive oil like the Greeks. In Greece, the average person consumes 55 pounds of olive oil per year! Olives also have a range of really cool colors, and you can see a great blend of them in a finely chopped olive tapenade which is the inspiration for this Twitter Bootstrap Theme. VegiTapenade makes use of various hues of green and olive colors that may provide many visual benefits to your website, much like olives and olive oil can benefit you health!

vegitini twitter bootstrap theme

You may think of a martini as having an olive in it, and for good reason. Long ago however, it was the cherry that was placed in the prized drink. It is thought that the martini is a child of the martinez, which is a sweeter gin based cocktail. The martinez likely originated in California in the 1800′s, probably in the town of Martinez or San Francisco. The martini has since gone on to become the pre eminent classic cocktail in popular culture. Thanks to the prohibition era, the popularity of the drink was pushed higher. Now the symbol for nightlife and cocktails, the picture of a martini has become a standard piece of art for many a bar with the classic olive in the glass. Of course if you decide to use this Twitter Bootstrap Theme, please do so responsibly, as you would with a real martini.