What’s Next For Bootstrap

What’s Next For Bootstrap

My twitter bootstrap post is currently getting major traction here at the great Vegi Bit so why not ride that bandwagon and talk about what’s coming up for the next iteration of the wonderful twitter bootstrap framework.

First off, the next version of bootstrap is going to be Mobile First. What does that mean? It means all your fancy shmancy smartphones and tablets are growing their web traffic at a much faster clip than desktop driven traffic and therefore, the creators have decided to focus on where the growth is. Is this good or bad? I’m not sure yet, we’ll have to see if developing with the new release is as easy as the current build and if it ends up catering to both the mobile and desktop versions equally well. One thing I am not a fan of is manias. Manias occur when you get a groupthink going on and people start to get all crazy and act bizarre since everyone else is doing it. Personally, I think the mobile space is overrated, and desktops will be around for a long, long time to come – and in very large numbers. But I digress…

Legacy code will be on the chopping block and responsive features are said to be improved. I do find it welcome that mobile will be built into the core and not found as add ons to the main files. Download once, then write your site once. Responsive features baked in from the get go certainly sounds fun to me. Having to write your site twice to enable desktop as well as mobile versions is surely a big pain in the ass. Here’s hoping that the ambitious efforts of Bootstrap the 3rd pay off.

An additional change is the migration of the documentation to Jekyll. This is interesting since Github provides support for it, and will separate JavaScript and CSS changes which will make updating documentation easier. Many of the popular UI elements are getting an overhaul to suit the more mobile friendly themes.

With the recent news of Apple releasing an updated iOS 7 with a flat design and the lack of gradients in the early builds of B3, you might think the final release of B3 will be devoid of the juicy gradients and depth of the original. Not so say MDO and FAT. The fancies have been stripped out of the development version to ease the task of rebuilding for mobile and such. The gradients you know and love should make it to the final release.

But don’t take my word for it, go grab yourself a copy of the latest builds at http://getbootstrap.com/ and dive right in for yourself!