Write A Great Blog Post

write a great blog post
Write a great blog post

Do you think it’s easy to write a great blog post? If you answered yes, then good on you – tell us a little bit more in the comments about your best tips.  If you answered no, read on to follow a simple five step process to bang out some epic blog posts in minimal time.  Truth be told, there could be many combinations of steps that may or may not work for you however the five listed here have been very consistent in getting good results.

1. Pick a topic you are passionate about.

You want to create something that people are going to want to read. The easiest way to make your chances higher of this happening is to choose a topic you are really passionate about. The passion will come through in your writing, and your readers will be more engaged.

2. Give your writing some style.

Once you find the topics you are passionate and love the most, start writing. In order to write a great blog post though, you want to add a hefty dose of style and flair. What does that mean you say? Let’s put it this way, you’re not a robot, you are freaking awesome and you know how to rock out with your socks out, so let that come through in your writing. Keeping it fun and stylish will get your readers to return.

3. Don’t be afraid to click the ‘edit’ button.

What’s the first button you love to click after writing out a ton of content that you are ready to share with the world? Yes the ‘Publish’ button is exactly right. NO! Click that edit button first! Read through your draft a few times, fix your spelling, re word your sentences that aren’t clear, and do a general clean-up of any rough edges. Only publish when ready!

4. Put some pictures in that post!

People love pictures. Add them to your blog post. You don’t have to go crazy, keep it simple, look for maybe one or two images that convey the ideas presented. Too many pictures will bog down your blog, strain the server, and increase page load times. Don’t do that.

5. Encourage Comments and Engage with your Readers.

When you write a great blog post people will want to add their thoughts and reactions in the comments. Embrace and interact with your audience, they will love you for it.

So there you have it, a simple five step process to write a great blog post. What do you think? Please share some of your ideas and tips in the comments below!