24 Popular Python Repositories

Popular Python Repositories

Check out these Popular Python Repositories to learn all about the cool things that are being developed with the Python programming language. The software we cover in this article includes httpie, flask, django, requests, ansible, scrapy, shadowsocks, tornado, scikit, reddit, ipython, sentry, docker compose, fabric, pyspider, salt stack, deis, boto, odoo, ajenti, and webpy. In looking at these popular Python repos, we can see that Python is used in applications like machine learning, big data, scientific analysis, IT and general automation, as well as web development.…

How Do Functions Work in Python?

How do functions work in Python

Understanding how functions work in Python is key to building clean and reusable code in your programs. In addition, understanding how Python functions work will help when working with a framework like Django or Flask which are both written in the Python programming language. In fact, this is probably one of the key benefits, since you will be able to scan source files and look at various function definitions to understand what the software offers you.…

Python Dictionaries

python dictionaries

We’ve covered some cool introductory concepts in Python so far. In learning about Dictionaries and Lists in Python, we found that they were similar. It’s worth taking a closer look at these data types to see how they are similar, and what makes them different as well. Dictionaries optimize element lookups with key value association. They are high performance, fast, and can be updated and mutated as needed.…

4 Useful Collection Types In Python

python collection types

In this Python tutorial, we’ll start moving forward with various collection types. Specifically we’ll be having a look at strings, collections, lists, and dictionaries. The four most common and useful of these are str, bytes, list, and dict. In addition to these common data types, we’ll examine a few ways to iterate over these types of collections with some looping constructs.


Getting Started With Python 3

Getting Started With Python 3

What is Python and what makes it so great? Python of course is a popular and powerful, general purpose programming language. Software developers that use Python often comment on the language’s expressive nature which makes it good for getting productive quickly. Python operates on a “batteries included” philosophy, meaning it ships with a very useful standard library that we will take a look at. Python is open source and has many third party packages and libraries to help you build whatever you may like in the language.…